2003 Nendo Hawaii Gentei-ban Hello! Project Best 1
Compilation Album by Hello! Project
Native title 2003年度 ハワイ限定盤 ハロー! プロジェクト ベスト①
Released December 20, 2002
Genre J-Pop, Folk, Children's, Ballad, World
Format CD
Label Up-Front Agency USA
Petit Best Chronology
Previous Petit Best 3 (2002)
Next Petit Best 4 (2003)
2003-Nendo Hawai Gentei-ban Hello! Project Best ① (2003年度 ハワイ限定盤 ハロー! プロジェクト ベスト①; Year 2003 Hawaii Limited Edition Hello! Project Best 1) is a special collaboration album with different tracks by Hello! Project artists, released for the American market. 

Release date: 2002.12.10

Catalog nr: TGCS-1570


01. お菓子つくっておっかすぃ〜! (Okashi Tsukutte Okkasii) by Minimoni
02. 幸せビーム! 好き好きビーム! (Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!) by Happy 7
03. 幸せですか? (Shiawase Desu ka?) by Sexy 8
04. 幸せきょうりゅう音頭 (Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo) by Odoru 11
05. 色っぽい女 -Sexy Baby- (Iroppoi Onna -Sexy Baby-) by Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika (Morning Musume)
06. ロマンティック 浮かれモード (Romantic Ukare Mode) by Fujimoto Miki
07. ムラサキシキブ (Murasaki Shikibu) by Heike Michiyo
08. 負けない 負けたくない (Makenai Maketakunai) by Petitmoni
09. 青春時代 (Seishun Jidai) by Nakazawa Yuko, Goto Maki, Fujimoto Miki
10. いきまっしょい! (Ikimasshoi!) by Morning Musume
11. 赤とんぼ (Akatonbo) by Iida Kaori, Shibata Ayumi, Fujimoto Miki
12. アイ〜ン!ダンスの唄 (Aiin! Dance no Uta) by Baka Tono-sama to Minimoni
13. 木綿のハンカチーフ (Momen no Handkerchief) by Nakazawa Yuko
14. The 美学 (The Bigaku) by Matsuura Aya
15. 香水 (Kosui) by Melon Kinenbi
16. やる気! It’s Easy (Yaruki! It’s Easy) by Goto Maki

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In the Golden Era of Hello! Project, they had an Hawaiian fan club and one or more stores in Hawaii selling goods and items. Some of the releases availalbe at these stores or the fan club were limited to Hawaii only. They are: 1 best-of album for Coconuts Musume, 3 best-of albums for Morning Musume, 1 special edition of Pucchi Best 1 and 3 Hello! Project best-of albums. 


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