Hello! Project Egg/Up-Front Egg Audition is a page created for listing any auditions outside Morning Musume and S/mileage that contributed to increasing the number of trainees in Hello! Project and Up-Front Agency.


Audition Title Requirements Total Applicants Result
Hello! Pro Egg Audition 2004 1st Grade Elementary ~ 18 Years Old 10,570 Application See this page for list.

Up-Front Group "Egg" AuditionEdit

  • Name: Up-Front Group "Egg" Audition (アップフロントグループ『エッグ』オーディション)
  • Purpose: To find talented people to become "Up-Front Group Eggs" to perform in various fields such as acting and variety.
  • Application Period: Until 25 February 2006
  • Qualifications: By February 2006, the applicants must not have a contract in the entertainment industry and that they will relocate to Tokyo.
  • Notable Passer: Mano Erina
  • The three second-generation Hello! Pro Egg members are from this audition.

Up-Front Egg AuditionEdit

  • Name: Up-Front Egg Audition (アップフロントエッグオーディション)
  • Application Period: Opened August 2007
  • Qualifications: By August 2007, the applicants must not have a contract in the entertainment industry, that they will relocate to Tokyo, and that they must be females between first grade to 25 years old.
  • Application Methods: There were numerous forms of application methods, including applying by computer, cell phone, mail, or by appointment with a receptionist, but applicants must apply only through one method.
  • The fifth-generation Hello! Pro Egg member, Miyamoto Karin , is from this audition.

Hello! Project Members that began as EggsEdit