Hello! Channel
Hello! Channel
Mook by Hello! Project
Native Title ハロー!チャンネル
Released April 26, 2010
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Hello! Channel (ハロー!チャンネル), abbreviated as Haro Chan (ハロチャン), is the first official mook by Hello! Project. The first volume was published by Kadokawa Shoten on April 26, 2010.

In the following three years, eleven more volumes of the mook were released, with volume 12 of the mook being released on April 22, 2013 as the final volume. Starting with volume 4, first press copies of the mook came with a poster as a bonus.

Kadokawa Marketing released digital editions of the mook through a Hello! Channel corner in their mobile app "Ugoku!! Shashin Shuu powered by The Television".

Each volume of the mook had a corresponding DVD release.

On November 21, 2012, a "Hello! Channel Best Selection" (ハロー!チャンネル ベストセレクション) was released. It contained round-table discussions between the members, a selection of previously released gravure, and unreleased gravure. It also came with a bonus DVD that put the contents of the mook into a video format.

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Bessatsu Hello! Channel

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Michishige Sayumi to iu Onna


  • The mook was announced on episode 4 of Bijo Gaku, and the show ran advertisements for the mook throughout its run.

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