Hatsukoi no Kakera (初恋のカケラ; First Love's Fragments) is the second single released by THE Possible.

The single V reached #148 on the Oricon DVD charts, and charted for 2 weeks selling 1,389 copies total.

It was an ending theme for Saitama Drive Navigation.


THE ポッシボー『初恋のカケラ』

THE ポッシボー『初恋のカケラ』

Hatsukoi no Kakera (MV)


  1. Hatsukoi no Kakera
  2. Anata ni Muchuu (あなたに夢中; I'm Crazy About You)
  3. Hatsukoi no Kakera (Instrumental)
  4. Anata ni Muchuu (Instrumental)

Single VEdit

  1. Hatsukoi no Kakera (MV)
  2. Anata ni Mucchu (photo & music show)
  3. Making of (メイキング映像)
  4. Hatsukoi no Kakera (with lyrics) (歌詞あり)

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Hatsukoi no Kakera
Anata ni Muchuu

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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - 25 111 1,135
- - - - - 20 - 117 867

Total sales: 2,002

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