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Hatsukoi Cider / DEEP MIND (初恋サイダー/DEEP MIND; First Love Cider / DEEP MIND) is the 13th single released by Buono!. This is the first Double A-side released by Buono!. "DEEP MIND" is used as the theme song for Gomennasai, a movie which Buono! stars in. "Hatsukoi Cider" is the ending theme to the drama Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen. There are two editions available: Regular and Limited. This is Buono!'s third single under the zetima label.

On October 29, 2011, "DEEP MIND" was released for download on iTunes. It was later released as a double A-side CD single with "Hatsukoi Cider" on January 18, 2012. The Single V and Event V were released on January 25, 2012, and February 26, 2012, respectively.



Buono! - Hatsukoi Cider (MV)

Hatsukoi Cider (MV)


Buono! - DEEP MIND (MV)



  1. Hatsukoi Cider
  3. Hatsukoi Cider (Instrumental)
  4. DEEP MIND (Instrumental)

Limited Edition DVD[]

  1. Hatsukoi Cider (Close-up Buono! ver.)

Single V[]

  1. Hatsukoi Cider (Music Video)
  2. DEEP MIND (Music Video)
  3. Hatsukoi Cider (MOMOKO Ver.)
  4. Hatsukoi Cider (MIYABI Ver.)
  5. Hatsukoi Cider (AIRI Ver.)

Event V[]

  1. Hatsukoi Cider (BAND Shot Ver.)
  2. DEEP MIND (Movie Ver.)
  3. DEEP MIND (Momoko Ver.)
  4. DEEP MIND (Miyabi Ver.)
  5. DEEP MIND (Airi Ver.)
  6. Making of

Featured Members[]

Buono! promoting single

Single Information[]

Hatsukoi Cider
  • Lyrics: Onoriku
  • Composition and Arrangement: AKIRASTAR
  • Music Video: Aoki Ryoji


TV Performances[]

  • [2012.02.10] Happy Music

Concert Performances[]

Hatsukoi Cider

Event Performances[]

Hatsukoi Cider


  • This is Buono!'s first and only double A-side single.
  • This is the first single since MY BOY to feature Tsugunaga Momoko as the center.
  • The Single V cover is a parody of the cover to The Beatles' album "Help!".
  • The Event V cover is a parody of the cover to Elvis Costello's debut album "My Aim Is True".
  • The MV for Hatsukoi Cider features Tabuchi Hisako of the rock bands Bloodthirsty Butchers and Toddle on guitar.
  • The "Hatsukoi Cider" MV is Buono!'s most-viewed YouTube video.
  • "Hatsukoi Cider" was also used as the ending theme for NTV show Happy Music for January 2012.
  • It was released on the same day as Kikkawa You's 1st album, One for YOU!.
  • A Twitter post by user @w__cmt on November 28, 2019 featuring a clip of Buono! performing "Hatsukoi Cider" at Buono! Festa 2016 went viral on Twitter in Japan, garnering over 1 million views, 12,400 retweets, and 58,500 likes in just one day. This viral clip rejuvenated interest in Buono!, causing the group to trend at a peak position of #3 on Twitter in Japan the following day. In response, Suzuki Airi posted a Tweet of her own asking why everyone was talking about Buono! again, and expressing her happiness to the newfound attention. 

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 6 9 4 6 12 9 7 10,892
11 - - - - - - 37 2,271
- - - - - - - - 463
- - - - - - - - 273

Total Reported Sales: 13,899

Single V
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3 12 13 10 12 - 11 1,854
- - - - - - - 44 403

Total Reported Sales: 2,257


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