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Hashimoto Shin (橋本慎) is the current chief director of the UP-FRONT WORKS record label[1] and the overall music director of Hello! Project.[2][3][4]

He is also known to be ℃-ute's chief manager from at least 2012[5] to 2014.[6] Long before this, Hashimoto has been credited as a keyboardist and pianist for several Moritaka Chisato songs from early as 1993, and he was credited as a producer for the first time for Moritaka's 1996 and 1997 albums.[7]

For arrangements and programming, Hashimoto is credited by the pseudonym hasie,[8] and as hasiejaneiro on a single occasion for Kobushi Factory's 2016 song "Samba! Kobushi Janeiro"[9]


3nin Matsuri[]

7nin Matsuri[]

10nin Matsuri[]


Coconuts Musume[]


Kobushi Factory[]

Matsuura Aya[]

Moritaka Chisato[]

  • Te wo Tatakou 2 (acoustic piano)
  • Mukashi no Hito wa... (electric piano)
  • Let's Go! (keyboards, acoustic piano, electric piano)
  • Bootsu to Shite Miyou (acoustic piano, taishogoto, guitar, keyboards)
  • SWEET CANDY (electric piano)
  • Mirai (acoustic piano, electric piano)
  • SNOW AGAIN (keyboards, acoustic piano)
  • Pappappaya (Fender Rhodes piano, clarinet, synthesizer)
  • Denwa (acoustic piano)
  • Kiken na Hodou (piano)

Morning Musume[]

Taiyou to Ciscomoon / T&C Bomber[]




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