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Hashimoto Momoko
Hashimoto Momoko promoting "Otona Survivor"
Nicknames Momo-chan (桃ちゃん?)
Hashimocchan (はしもっちゃん?)
Birth Info
Born June 28, 2003 (2003-06-28) (age 16)
Origin Yamaguchi, Japan
Blood Type AB
Zodiac Sign Cancer Cancer
Height 157cm
Professional Info
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Idol
Years Active 2017-present
Agency UP-FRONT PROMOTION (2017-2018)
Associated Acts Hello Pro Kenshuusei, Last Idol
Hello Pro Kenshuusei Info
Joined December 2017
Generation 28th Generation
Left April 23, 2018
Time in Group 4 Months, 19 Days
Twitter Twitter_2012.svg @momoko_LI_2

Hashimoto Momoko (橋本桃呼) is a Japanese idol as a 2nd generation member of Last Idol.[1] She is a former member of Hello Pro Kenshuusei under Hello! Project.[2]

Hashimoto first joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei after failing the Hello! Project Shin Member Audition in December 2017 and left after only four months in the program.[3] She was later a challenger on the Last Idol season 3 in August 2018 and won the battle to become the No. 1 Temporary Member.[4] She became an official 2nd generation member on September 29, 2018.[1]



Hashimoto Momoko, September 2018


Hashimoto Momoko, March 2018

Early LifeEdit

Hashimoto Momoko was born on June 28, 2003 in Yamaguchi, Japan.


Hashimoto took part in the Alice Project audition for Cerisier, a new unit under the same agency as Kamen Joshi, but failed.

Over the summer, Hashimoto participated in the Hello! Project Shin Member Audition for a chance to join Hello! Project in commemoration of its 20th anniversary, and made it to the finals alongside seven others before it was ultimately decided that no one would pass the audition.[5][6]

Following the audition, Hashimoto accepted an invitation to join Hello Pro Kenshuusei and she was introduced alongside Goto Sayaka, Tamenaga Shion, Kubota Nanami, Shutto Anna, Kanemitsu Ruru and Matsubara Yuriya at the Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2017 12gatsu ~Conti→New!~ show on December 10,[2] where they performed a dance cover of "Jealousy Jealousy" together.


On April 23, it was announced that Hashimoto had completed her training and therefore left Hello Pro Kenshuusei.[3]

On August 11, Hashimoto was revealed as a challenger in Last Idol season 3, in which 12 temporary members must defend their position from challengers to debut as 2nd generation members at the end.[7] Hashimoto came out as one of the top three challengers during a three-day and two-night training camp,[8] allowing her to challenge Shinohara Nozomi for her position as the No. 1 Temporary Member.

In episode 16 of Last Idol broadcasted on August 25,[9] Hashimoto choose to perform Kobushi Factory's "Ashita Tenki ni Naare" in her battle against Shinohara[10] and successfully replaced her as the No. 1 Temporary Member.[4]

On September 29, in the last episode of Last Idol season 3, the final challenger Shiraishi Mana chose to battle Hashimoto, who won with her performance of Sashihara Rino's "Soredemo Suki da yo".[11] Hashimoto officially debuted as a 2nd generation member of Last Idol[12][1] and became double centers with No. 2 member Mizuno Mai.[13] The next day she opened an official Twitter account.[14]

Personal LifeEdit

Hashimoto has five siblings, three sisters and two brothers.[7] Her older sister is named Rara,[7] who Hashimoto describes as an "idol otaku". Her youngest sister was a newborn when she joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

She has a pet mantis named Sakura.

Hashimoto was in her second year of middle school when she joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei and in her third year when she joined Last Idol.[15]

She graduated from middle school in March 2019[16] and would begin high school the following April.

  • Momo-chan (桃ちゃん): Her first official nickname as a Last Idol member.[17][18]
  • Hashimocchan (はしもっちゃん): Her second official nickname as a Last Idol member.[18]


  • Name: Hashimoto Momoko (橋本桃呼)
  • Nicknames: Momo-chan (桃ちゃん), Hashimocchan (はしもっちゃん)
  • Birthdate: June 28, 2003 (2003-06-28) (age 16)
  • Birthplace: Yamaguchi, Japan
  • Height: 157cm[4]
  • Blood Type: AB[4]
  • Western Zodiac: Cancer
  • Eastern Zodiac: Goat
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2017-12-10: Joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei
    • 2018-04-23: Left
  • Groups:

  • Special Skills: Ballroom dancing, mimicry
  • Hobbies: Reading, collecting squeeze toys
  • Charm Point: Her eyes
  • Favorite Music Genre: J-pop
  • Favorite Sports: Competitive dancing
  • Favorite Food: Dried squid, umeboshi
  • Favorite Color: Sakura-color
  • Motto: "One for all, all for one"
  • Looks Up To: Inoue Rei, Tsugunaga Momoko[1]

Discography Featured InEdit

Last IdolEdit

  • [2018.12.05] Ai Shika Buki ga nai (愛しか武器がない)
  • [2019.04.17] Otona Survivor (大人サバイバー)


TV ProgramsEdit

  • [2018] Last Idol (season 3)



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