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Hashimoto Aina (橋本愛奈) is a Japanese singer, actress, and former idol. She is the former sub-leader of Ciao Bella Cinquetti (formerly known as THE Possible).

She initially joined Hello! Project in June 2004 as a member of Hello Pro Egg, and later graduated from Hello! Project in 2007 when THE Possible was transferred to NICE GIRL Project!.


Hashimoto Aina, August 2017

Hashimoto Aina, August 2016

Hashimoto Aina, September 2014

Hashimoto Aina, April 2013

Hashimoto Aina, February 2013

Hashimoto Aina, August 2012

Hashimoto Aina, March 2012

Hashimoto Aina, September 2009


On October 13, she graduated from Hello Pro Egg along with the other members of THE Possible.


On August 1, 2013, Hashimoto announced on her blog that she was named the sub-leader of THE Possible.[1]

On September 27, 2015, Hashimoto changed her member color from orange to red.


On April 1, she was transferred from TNX to UP-FRONT CREATE along with the other members of THE Possible. Shortly after, the group changed their name to Ciao Bella Cinquetti.


On August 2, Ciao Bella Cinquetti disbanded and Hashimoto graduated along with the other members.


From November 20 to November 24, she performed in the stage play Okusuri no Kusuri.[2]


On July 13, it was announced that she would be one of several current and former Hello! Project members starring in a new horror television drama based on the book, Hobonichi no Kaidan. The drama began airing in August 2020.[3][4][5]

Personal Life[]

Her family owns two dogs, named Tiara and Rabu.

When Hashimoto joined Hello Pro Egg in June 2004, she was a sixth year elementary school student. She graduated from high school in March 2010.

Morozuka most notably got along best with Korenaga Miki,Ogawa Saki, Hashida Mirei and Kitahara Sayaka in Hello Pro Egg.

In Ciao Bella Cinquetti, she got along best with Ose Kaede, Akiyama Yurika and Morozuka Kanami.

  • Hashimon (はしもん): Official nickname, given her since joining Hello Pro Egg. Used by members and fans.
  • Ai (あい): Official nickname, given her since joining Hello Pro Egg. Used by members and fans.
  • Ainyan (あいにゃん): Used by Hashida Mirei.


  • Hobbies: Reading manga, sleeping
  • Special Skills: Dance, piano, fast feet
  • Specialty: Making strange faces, Cleaning
  • Likes: Badminton, music, scribbling, purikura, tampering with hair
  • Dislikes: Flavorless food, waking up early
  • Favorite Food: Strawberries, rice, shrimp
  • Least Favorite Food: Tomatoes, cucumbers
  • Favorite Colors: Pink, white, black, light blue, yellow
  • Favorite Animal: Koala
  • Favorite Hello! Project Song: Suna wo Kamu You ni...NAMIDA
  • Looks Up To: Matsuura Aya

  • Discography[]

    Main article: Hashimoto Aina/Discography

    Solo Songs[]

    Featured Singles[]

    • [2007.06.13] Natsu no Tropical Musume. (夏のトロピカル娘。), featuring Akiyama Yurika, Hashimoto Aina



    • [2010.10.02] Girigiri Out! (ギリギリアウト!)
    • [2011.06.29] Kanzen Out! (完全アウト!)


    Select Concerts[]

    • [2006.04.01] Tokito Ami Hatsu Live '06 Haru ~The Nakano Sampler~ (時東ぁみ初ライブ '06春 ~ザ・中野サンプラ~)

    TV Programs[]

    TV Dramas[]

    Hobonichi no Kaidan


    • [2005.12] 34 Choume no Kiseki (34丁目の奇跡)
    • [2006.08.02] CRY FOR HELP! ~Uchuu Station Chikaku no Baiten ni te~ (CRY FOR HELP!~宇宙ステーション近くの売店にて~)
    • [2010] Fushigi Yuugi (as Miaka Yuuki)
    • [2011] Fushigi Yuugi ~Shujaku Hen~ / Fushigi Yuugi ~Suzaku Hen~ (as Miaka Yuuki)
    • [2012] Fushigi Yuugi ~Seiryuu Hen~ (as Miaka Yuuki)
    • [2019] Okusuri no Kusuri (お薬のクスリ)



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