Halation Summer / Summer Night Town (English Version) (ハレーション サマー / サマーナイトタウン (English Version)) is Coconuts Musume's debut single. It was released in Japan on July 23, 1999, and in Taiwan on August 12, 1999. The Taiwan version comes with a lyrics card inlay with the lyrics in Taiwanese. "Halation Summer" was used as the theme song to the anime Kyoro-chan, and can be found on the Kyoro-chan Original Soundtrack.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]


Coconuts Musume - Halation Summer (MV)

Halation Summer (MV)


Coconuts Musume - Summer Night Town (English Version) (MV)

Summer Night Town (English version) (MV)


キョロちゃん オープニング 『ハレーションサマー』

Kyoro-chan Theme Song

  1. Halation Summer
  2. Summer Night Town (English Version) (Morning Musume Cover)
  3. Halation Summer (Backing Track)

Featured Members[edit | edit source]

Coconuts Musume promoting the single

Single Information[edit | edit source]

Halation Summer
Summer Night Town (English Version)
  • Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
  • English Lyrics: MARIE
  • Arrangement: BANANA ICE

TV Performances[edit | edit source]

Summer Night Town (English Version)

Concert Performances[edit | edit source]

Halation Summer
Summer Night Town (English Version)

Oricon Chart Positions[edit | edit source]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 40 6,840

Total Reported Sales: 9,730

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is Coconuts Musume's first single with an English name title.
  • This was the group's first and only double a-side single.
  • This was the first double a-side single released by a Hello! Project group.
  • "Summer Night Town (English Version)" was the second song they recorded.[1]
  • In an interview, the members stated that they had never heard "Summer Night Town" before recording the English cover featured on the single.[2]
  • The single was released the same day as Country Musume's debut single, "Futari no Hokkaido".
  • The music videos for both tracks were shot in Taiwan. The group also had photo shoots and release events there as well.
  • Shimizu Saki, Tsugunaga Momoko, and Sudo Maasa covered "Halation Summer" on the Berryz Koubou mini album ③ Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz.
  • Angel Splash (エンジェルスプラッシユ) did a live performance of "Halation Summer".

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