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Glass no Pumps (ガラスのパンプス; Glass Pumps) is the 15th single by Goto Maki. The single reached #7 on the Oricon charts and charted for four weeks, selling 27,907 copies. The single V reached #4 and sold 10,761 copies.



Goto Maki - Glass no Pumps PV (Subtitled)

Glass no Pumps (MV)


  1. Glass no Pumps
  2. LOVE Kan Coffee (LOVE缶コーヒー; Love Canned Coffee)
  3. Glass no Pumps (Instrumental)

Single V[]

  1. Glass no Pumps (PV)
  2. Glass no Pumps (Dance Shot Version)
  3. Making of (メイキング映像)

Single Information[]

  1. Glass no Pumps
    • Lyrics, Composition: Tsunku
    • Arrangement and Programming: Hirata Shoichiro
    • Chorus: Goto Maki
    • Electric Guitar: Koji
    • Dance Choreography: RYONRYON
  2. LOVE Kan Coffee

TV Performances[]

Goto Maki promoting single

  • [2006.06.02] Ongaku Senshi MUSIC FIGHTER
  • [2006.06.04] Hello! Morning
  • [2006.06.17] Music Fair 21
  • [2006.06.23] MUSIC STATION
  • [2006.06.25] Music Express

Concert Performances[]

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