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Girls Night Out was a web show featuring members of Hello! Project and other female talent under UP-FRONT GROUP, replacing GREEN ROOM. Episodes were uploaded onto the official YouTube channel.

The first episode was uploaded January 28, 2016, with new episodes uploaded every Thursday at 21:00 JST. The last episode was uploaded on March 30, 2017.

The main MC was Natsuyaki Miyabi joined by two guests. The show discussed girls' interests such as food and fashion in the studio, and also featured segments of members visiting hot spot locations.

Featured Members[]


Main article: Girls Night Out Episodes
Year Amount of Episodes
2016 49 Episodes
2017 10 Episodes
Schedule Changes
  • There was no episode on January 5, 2017.[1]



  1. [2016.10.04] Ishida Ayumi & Oda Sakura (Morning Musume '16) no "Love-Love Date in Kyoto ~Sakura to Issho ni Sakura wo Mi ni Ikou!~" Kanzenhan (featuring Ishida Ayumi and Oda Sakura)


  • The opening theme song was the instrumental of "Kokoro no Tamago" by Buono!.
  • The song "My Love", also by Buono!, was used in the food introduction segment.
  • On February 25 (episode #5), a new project temporarily titled "Girls Night Out Coordination (Kari)" (GNOコーデ(仮)) was announced. On March 3 (episode #6), Natsuyaki announced the official title of the project to be "Saitama Fashion Consulting" (SFC). Viewers of any age or gender could send in photos of their coordinated outfits by following instructions on the special website.
  • Kyosuzu, the restaurant in which the popular Cooking Class Corner took place, is owned by UP-FRONT GROUP.[2][3] The teacher of the segment was Head Chef Kuroki (黒木料理長; Kuroki Ryourichou), who is refered to as Kuroki-sensei (黒木先生) by members and has been nicknamed Kurokki (くろっき) by viewers.[4]
    • After the end of Girls Night Out, the segment, still featuring Kuroki, was continued in Hello! Project Station from episode #226 onwards.


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