Garage Opening Theme Song Shuu (ガレージ・オープニングテーマソング集; : Garage Opening Theme Song Collection) is a maxi single released by the Zetima.

It is the first of four maxi singles featuring opening theme songs for a TV-show called THE GARAGE, which aired on TV Tokyo from 1999-2000. The theme songs are all covers, and were sung by different artists managed by Zetima at the time.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  1. Ban Ban Ban (バン・バン・バン; Dum, Dum, Dum) (The Spiders cover) - Kenji, Kaoru, Ryo, Julia, THE ME, Makoto, Taisei, Yasuda Kei, Ichii Sayaka and Taiyou to Ciscomoon
  2. Seaside Bound (シーサイド・バウンド) (The Tigers cover) - Kenji, Kaoru, Ryo, Julia, Makoto, Taisei, Nakazawa Yuko, Abe Natsumi and Iida Kaori
  3. Kami-sama Onegai (神様お願い; Please, God) (The Tempters cover) - Kenji, Kaoru, Ryo, Julia, Ishiguro Aya, Yaguchi Mari, Inaba Atsuko and Shinoda Miho
  4. Ban Ban Ban (Instrumental)
  5. Seaside Bound (Instrumental)
  6. Kami-sama Onegai (Instrumental)

Featured Members[edit | edit source]

  • Other
    • Julia
    • THE ME
    • Makoto
    • Taisei
    • Kenji (7HOUSE)
    • Kaoru (L'luvia)
    • Ryo (BEAT KIDS)

Single Information[edit | edit source]

Ban Ban Ban
  • Lyrics, Composition: Hiroshi Kamayatsu
  • Arrangement: Takahashi Yuichi & LH☆STARS
Seaside Bound
  • Lyrics: Hashimoto Atsushi
  • Composition: Sugiyama Koichi
  • Arrangement: Takahashi Yuichi & LH☆STARS
Kami-sama Onegai
  • Lyrics, Composition: Matsuzaki Yoshikeru
  • Arrangement: Takahashi Yuichi & LH☆STARS

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