GET ALONG WITH YOU is Nakazawa Yuko's eighth single. It was released on May 21, 2003, selling 7,061 copies in its first week and 9,379 copies overall.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]


Yuko Nakazawa-Get Along With You


  2. Tokyo Hatsu Saishuu (東京発 最終; The Last Train Departing Tokyo)
  3. GET ALONG WITH YOU (Instrumental)

Single Information[edit | edit source]

Get Along With You
  • Lyrics, Composition: Tsunku
  • Arrangement: Watanabe Cher
  • Music Video: Kawamura Kensuke (Director), Suehiro Tetsushi (Producer)
Tokyo Hatsu Saishuu

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Interview[edit | edit source]

Nakazawa’s comment about the single, in a 2008-interview:

This is a rare happy song of mine. I mean, “Karasu no Nyoubou” is a song about a woman who keeps on waiting for the man to return. “Odaiba Moonlight Serenade” is a song about cheating. Happy-cheating in a weird way. “Shanghai” is a solo traveler of a broken-hearted. “Kuyashi Namida Porori” is another cheating song. This is about a forbidden love, right? “Futarigurashi” is a song about a girl who used to live with a guy, but now that she’s broken up, she is back to her single life. So those are my songs. And “Get Along with You” is the only tune that has sweet lyrics like, “Chikagoro Watashi Koi Shitemasu” (I’ve fallen in love lately).[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. 中澤裕子- Solo debut The 10th anniversary SPECIAL DVD

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