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Futarigurashi (二人暮し; Living Together) is Nakazawa Yuko's sixth single. It was released on August 1, 2001. It sold 29,090 copies in its first week and 39,720 copies overall.




Futari Gurashi (MV)

  1. Futarigurashi
  2. Kouendoori no Kissaten (公園通りの喫茶店; Café Along the Park)
  3. Futarigurashi (Instrumental)

Single Information[]

All Lyrics and Compositions: Tsunku

  • Arrangement, Programming & Bass: Akashi Masao
  • Guitar: Suzuki Hideyuki
  • Chorus: Kato Yumiko
  • Music Video: Kawamura Kensuke (Director), Suehiro Tetsushi (Producer)
Kouen Doori no Kissaten
  • Arrangement: Yonemitsu Ryo

TV Performances[]

  • [2001.08.10] Music Station
  • [2001.08.16] Utaban

Concert Performances[]


Kouendoori no Kissaten


  • The first press of the single came with the application flyer for the 4th Morning Musume & Michiyo Heike prodigy audition. This would spawn Sheki-Dol and Matsuura Aya.
  • Nakazawa's first single after graduating from Morning Musume, and also her first release using her real name; 中澤裕子 (as opposed to her stage name 中澤ゆうこ).
  • This single is Nakazawa's only singles released in a thick CD case (as opposed to the regular slim case), with a booklet that folds out to a 30cm x15cm sheet (with pictures of Nakazawa on one side and the lyrics on the opposite side).


Nakazawa’s comment about the single, in a 2008-interview: "'Futarigurashi' is such a difficult song to sing. I actually told this in the past but I didn’t like this song very much. I couldn’t sing it well. I was really self-conscious about myself as a solo artist after graduating from Morning Musume, and I felt like I had to hurry up and prove the different side of Nakazawa Yuko and with many other complicated feelings. I can’t describe it too well, but I remember I had heavy opinion about my costume as well. Look at the photo. Beautiful, isn’t it? You see how important the lighting is, right? You see, my audience? This is a photo, a work of art. Staff’s effort and energy was collected and gathered together to create this piece.[…] I was in such a bad mood! (lol) But why? Why? I remembered as I was looking at this smiling photo of mine. You see, I am smiling on the outside, but I was furious in the inside. Isn't photography a scary thing? (lol) Yeah, I remember now. But I still wonder why I was so angry though."[1]


  1. 中澤裕子- Solo debut The 10th anniversary SPECIAL DVD

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