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Fujimoto Miki (藤本美貴) is a Japanese singer, idol and talent signed under J.P ROOM and Just Production. She is best known as a former member of Morning Musume. She originally joined Hello! Project as a solo artist, discovered during the fourth generation auditions for Morning Musume in 2000, and debuted as a solo artist in 2002. She was later added to the group along with the new sixth generation audition winners in 2003.


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Early Life[]

Fujimoto Miki was born on February 26, 1985 in Hokkaido, Japan. As a child, she wanted to become an enka singer due to the influence of her grandmother.

She auditioned for avex dream 2000 in 1999, singing "Depend on you" by Hamasaki Ayumi, but did not pass. The following year, in 2000, Fujimoto participated in the 3rd Morning Musume Auditions hoping to become a 4th generation member. Even though she didn't make it to the finals, Hello! Project offered her training lessons for a shot to debut one day. During her training period, she also worked as a receptionist at UP-FRONT AGENCY.

2001-2003: Solo Career[]

Fujimoto began her activities as an official Hello! Project member on October 1, 2001, with the premier of Shin Bishoujo Nikki. Sometime that same month, it was announced during the program that Fujimoto would officially debut as a soloist.

Fujimoto originally started out as a solo singer in 2002 in Hello! Project, becoming the first of six members to debut under Hello! Project after losing the fourth generation auditions Morning Musume audition in 2000.

In October 2002, she was placed in the one-shot unit, Gomattou, with two other prominent pop soloists under Hello! Project, Goto Maki (a former Morning Musume member), and Matsuura Aya. She was also in the Hello! Project Shuffle group Odoru 11.

On February 5, she released her single, Boogie Train ‘03.


On February 26, on her 18th birthday, she released her first album, MIKI ①. This was the end of her solo career because after a successful performance in Kohaku Uta Gassen on New Year's Eve, producer Tsunku added her to Morning Musume as a sixth generation member. With five solo singles, plus an album and solo concert tour, Fujimoto was a surprise addition into Morning Musume.

She sang many of the lead lines in Morning Musume songs, especially after Abe Natsumi's graduation.

She and fellow Morning Musume member Konno Asami were also loaned to Country Musume, a group that features "Country Girls from Hokkaido," such as Fujimoto and Konno.

In 2003, when Morning Musume was split into two groups, she was placed in Morning Musume Otome Gumi and was also placed in the shuffle group 11WATER.


In April, when Yaguchi Mari abruptly resigned from the group, Fujimoto became the sub-leader of Morning Musume, supporting Yoshizawa Hitomi as the new leader. She also joined the shuffle unit Sexy Otonajan.


On June 15, it was announced that Fujimoto and Matsuura Aya would join together in a new Hello! Project duo called GAM. Their debut single was released on September 13, and after two other singles, their debut album was released on May 23, 2007.


On May 6, after the graduation of then-leader Yoshizawa Hitomi, Fujimoto took her place as the fifth leader of Morning Musume.

On May 24, Fujimoto was rumored to be in the latest edition of the Japanese gossip magazine Friday—the same magazine responsible for the cancellation of Kago Ai's contract—pictured walking with Shoji Tomoharu, a member of the comedy duo Shinagawa Shoji. Friday explained that they had a two-hour dinner together, drove to Fujimoto's apartment, then went to the sauna, returning to Shōji's apartment just after midnight. It soon became apparent that she was to be involved in a scandal that would jeopardize her position in Morning Musume. After seeing the article, UP-FRONT AGENCY had no intention to deal with the situation since there was no proof of them dating.

In the May 26 broadcast of Young Town Doyoubi (a radio show with Takahashi Ai, Fujimoto and Akashiya Sanma), she confirmed that the pictures were of her, and that she had been going out with Tomoharu Shoji. She also mentioned that she was going to talk to the head of UP-FRONT AGENCY, Yamazaki Naoki, about the situation.

On June 1, Fujimoto resigned from her position in Morning Musume, and her unit GAM subsequently became inactive. She would still be contracted with Hello! Project and UP-FRONT AGENCY, but remained out of the public eye until 2008.


On February 11, after over six months away from the public, it was announced that Fujimoto would release an enka single entitled "Okitegami." The single, a collaboration with fellow Up-Front singer Horiuchi Takao, was released on April 23. Through extensive promotion it eventually sold over 24,000 copies.

In June, it was announced that Fujimoto would play the part of Rizzo in the fall musical Grease.


On March 31, Fujimoto graduated from Hello! Project alongside the other members of the Elder Club at the Hello! Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Hello☆Pro Award '09 ~Elder Club Sotsugyou Kinen Special~. Afterwards, she remained under UP-FRONT AGENCY as a soloist.

In August, Fujimoto was set to perform in Japan Festa in Bangkok.


On June 2, Fujimoto was involved in a traffic accident, which she rear-ended a taxi at a stop light. There were no injuries. She posted an apology to everyone on her blog.[1]

In September, She joined the unit Afternoon Musume with 7 of her fellow OG members.


On January 28, it was announced that Fujimoto was part of the OG member group Dream Morning Musume and that they would be releasing the groups first album, Dorimusu ①, on April 20.

On February 24, it was announced that Fujimoto Miki opened up a Yakiniku restaurant in Yokohama. According to Miki all of the menu items would be 99% off as a special discount on opening day. The restaurant opened on February 26.

On June 1, Fujimoto Miki attended an event to promote Scalp-D Shampoo.[2]

On June 6, Miki modeled for a.g. plus, a clothing company. They put up a photo gallery with about 10 photos for fans to enjoy on the site.[3]

On September 9, it was announced that Fujimoto Miki was pregnant with her first child.


On January 2nd, Fujimoto announced that she would be having a baby boy.

On March 27, at 7:03 AM, Fujimoto gave birth to her first child. After the birth both of them were perfectly healthy. Her son weighed around 3065 grams and was named Toranosuke.


On January 13, Fujimoto Miki returned from maternity leave and performed her hit single "Romantic Ukare Mode" at Hello! Project Tanjou 15 Shuunen Kinen Live 2013 Fuyu ~Bravo!~.

On March 2 and 3, Fujimoto participated in the Forest For Rest ~SATOYAMA e Ikou~ SATOYAMA movement in YOKOHAMA along with other Hello! Project and UP-FRONT PROMOTION members.

On November 26, Fujimoto Miki went to the 6th Annual Parenting Award, in which she received an award in the Mama Category.


On November 8, Fujimoto and her son Toranosuke went to watch Juice=Juice's performance at Ajinomoto Stadium.[4]


On January 30, Fujimoto updated her official blog and announced that she was 4 months pregnant with her second child. In the blog entry titled "To everyone," Fujimoto announced, "Some people may already know from some media reports, but at this time, I've been blessed with a second child. I've currently entered my fourth month." She expressed, "I'm in good physical condition, and I'm also filled with happy feelings." She continued, "I'm sure there will be different difficulties with my second child, but right now, I want to cherish my time with Toranosuke. I hope everyone who reads my blog will teach me many things again."

On August 1st, at 1:32 AM, Fujimoto gave birth to her second child, a girl named Tsubasa.[5][6]


On January 17, it was announced Fujimoto would be leaving the M-line club, along with Abe Natsumi, as of March.[7]

On September 7, Fujimoto appeared on a tribute album for former twin idol group, The Peanuts, alongside several other famous singers.[8]

On December 31, Fujimoto made a surprise appearance in the first part of the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2016 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~, performing "Romantic Ukare Mode."[9][10]


On July 26, it was announced that Fujimoto would be appearing in the latest Kamen Rider film, Gekijouban Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending, which would be released in theaters on August 5.[11]


On August 5, Fujimoto announced that she was pregnant with her third child.[12]

On October 19, she opened up an official YouTube channel, named "Hello! Mikitty".[13]


On January 24, she gave birth to a second daughter.[14][15]

On August 15, she revealed that her husband had tested positive for COVID-19. She and her three children have not had any symptoms, but her entire family is following public health advice and testing guidelines as issued by the government.[16] As of August 22, she and her three children have tested negative for the virus, but her husband remains in the hospital for treatment.[17]


On March 9, Fujimoto revealed in a YouTube video [18] that after failing the 4ki audition, she was ready to go to high school when she got a call to come back and train for a solo career; being a middle school graduate, not finishing high school, to gain real-world experience, she was employed in UFA’s office.

For her debut she had Inaba Atsuko as her dance teacher, who also worked with Matsuura Aya. When she appeared on Music Station and HEY!x3, she doesn’t remember much of it besides being amazed that she was talking with Tamori and Downtown.

When she was told she was going to join Morning Musume and end her solo career, she wasn't happy at all. It was a shock after working for the last 2-3 years having failed the first audition and going solo, only to be told that after Kouhaku her path is changing. Soon after joining the group, she said there was a point when she decided she won’t smile at all, even on camera. This is how "Miki-sama" became a thing. (Japanese fans called her this due to her "strong," brusque image). Before being in Morning Musume Otomegumi, she was only thinking about when she'd be able to graduate. But after being in that sub-group (and Gatas Futsal) it helped her get out of her funk.

After the reports in gossip magazines about having a boyfriend, she was told maybe she could go the kayoukyoku route for a couple years until suddenly the same people asked, “so what are you gonna do now?” Then she realized they were talking as grown adults, and that they were implying either breaking up or getting married.

Personal Life[]

She is the youngest child in her family.

On the morning of November 10, 2010, Fujimoto Miki’s father has passed away due to unknown causes in a hospital in Hokkaido. The unexpected news of the death shocked both Fujimoto and her mother. Fujimoto’s mother and father had been living apart, her mother lives in the city.[19]

When Fujimoto joined Morning Musume in January 2003, she was near the end of her third year of middle school.

Romantic Relationships
On March 24, it was announced that ex-Morning Musume leader Fujimoto Miki and comedian Shoji Tomoharu from comedy duo Shinagawa Shouji will complete their 2-year-long relationship with a wedding in July.

On July 3, Miki and Shoji officially married, the wedding took place in Hawaii.

Fujimoto's given name, "Miki", means beauty (美; mi) combined with valuable (貴; ki). It's a feminine Japanese given name and surname.

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Fujimoto Miki:

  • Mikitty (ミキティ): Came up with "Mikitty" as a nickname for herself prior to her debut and derives from mixing "Miki" and "Kitty" (because she is a big fan of Hello Kitty).


  • Hobbies: Enjoying movies
  • Favorite color: Black, white
  • Favorite flowers: Sunflowers
  • Favorite phrase: "Have fun!"
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite food: Yakiniku, natto, meat
  • Disliked food: Scallions, cauliflower, broccoli, taro
  • Favorite song: Romantic Ukare MODE
  • Favorite artists: Amuro Namie, Christina Aguilera, Matsuura Aya.Tachibana Ayano

  • Discography[]

    Main article: Fujimoto Miki/Discography

    Studio Albums

    Major Singles


    Main article: Fujimoto Miki/Publications

    Solo Photobooks[]

    1. [2003.04.22] Alo-Hello! Fujimoto Miki (アロハロ!藤本美貴)
    2. [2004.01.24] Mikitty
    3. [2005.02.25] Real 226 (リアル226 )
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    • [2003] 17sai ~Tabidachi no Futari~ (17才〜旅立ちのふたり〜 )
    • [2009] LONG CARAVAN
    • [2017] Gekijouban Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending (劇場版 仮面ライダーエグゼイド トゥルー・エンディング)

    TV Programs[]

    • [2001–2002] Shin Bishoujo Nikki (新・美少女日記)
    • [2002–2007] Hello! Morning (ハロー!モーニング。)
    • [2002–2003] Bishoujo Nikki III (美少女日記III)
    • [2003] Soreyuke! Gorokkies (それゆけ!ゴロッキーズ)
    • [2004] Futarigoto (二人ゴト)
    • [2005] Musume DOKYU! (娘DOKYU!)
    • [2007] Haromoni@ (ハロモニ@)
    • [2009] THE 1 Okubun no 8 (THE 1億分の8)
    • [2009-2011] Ichi hachi (イチハチ)
    • [2011] U gata TV (U型テレビ)
    • [2013-] PON!
    • [2013-2014] GO GO!Smile! (ゴゴスマ)

    TV Dramas[]

    • [2001] Shin Bishoujo Nikki (新・美少女日記)
    • [2002] Tenshi no Utagoe ~Shounibyoutou no Kiseki~ (天使の歌声〜小児病棟の奇跡〜 )
    • [2004] Shinshun Wide Jidaigeki: Ryuuma ga Yuku (新春ワイド時代劇 竜馬がゆく)
    • [2009] Dare mo Mamorenai (誰も守れない)
    • [2009] Reset (リセット)
    • [2010] Jaja uma hime no tohiko - kanazawa - (じゃじゃ馬姫の逃避行 -金沢-)


    • [2013–] Chiisana Princess Sofia (ちいさなプリンセスソフィア) (as Mia the bluebird)


    • [2003] Ezaki Glico (江崎グリコ)
    • [2011; 2013] Kao (花王)
    • [2011] Hanahata bokujo (花畑牧場)
    • [2011] Anfa (アンファー)
    • [2011] Ito Yokado (イトーヨーカドー)
    • [2012] Nivea kao (ニベア花王)
    • [2012] Kozo sushi (小僧寿し)
    • [2013] Kirin Free (キリンフリー )
    • [2014] House Shichuu Mix (ハウスシチューミクス)
    • [2014] Xperia Z3


    • [2003] Edokko Chushingura (江戸っ娘。忠臣蔵)
    • [2008] HAKANA
    • [2008] Grease (グリース)
    • [2009] Sendai Shiro Monogatari (仙台四郎物語)


    Morning Musume Shuen Musical Edokko ChuushinguraRibbon no Kishi The Musical


    • [2002] Fujimoto Miki no All Night Nippon Petit! (藤本美貴のオールナイトニッポン プチ!)
    • [2002-2003] Fujimoto Miki Heart Days Radio (藤本美貴 ハート・デイズ・レディオ)
    • [2002-2007] Fujimoto Miki no Dokimiki Night (藤本美貴のドキ♥みきNight)
    • [2004-2007] Young Town Douyoubi (ヤングタウン土曜日)


    • Sang Hamasaki Ayumi's "Depend on you" for her Avex dream audition.
    • Close friends with Matsuura Aya and Yoshizawa Hitomi.
    • Her role models include Amuro Namie and Nakazawa Yuko.
    • When her father passed away in 2010, Nakazawa Yuko reached out to her and helped her cope with her sudden loss. (Nakazawa herself lost her father when she was 6 years old) She has stated that their relationship grew even stronger afterward.
    • Due to her "strong," brusque image, it is common among Japanese fans to call her "Miki-sama."
    • Coincidentally, figure skater Ando Miki also has the same nickname of "Mikitty." Fujimoto has said herself that it "felt like [she] had a new relative."
    • Is a self-confessed homebody.
    • She is the only Morning Musume leader not to be leader within a single.
    • As a child she wanted to become an enka singer due to the influence of her grandmother.
    • Would want to be a nursing home caretaker if she hadn't become a singer.
    • She commented during Ishikawa Rika's graduation on May 4th, 2005, that there was a time when she and Ishikawa did not get along very well -- to the point that it even influenced TV programs, according to a Musume DOKYU! producer.
    • Attended Hokkaido Akabira High School, but dropped out in April 2001 to pursue her solo career.
    • Originally debuted as an actress first on TV Tokyo's "Shin Bishoujo Nikki."
    • Around the time of her debut, photos taken with various guys at clubs surfaced via tabloids, but the scandal was rather minor and brief.
    • Yoshizawa Hitomi calls her "Kuwagata" (stag beetle), her only nickname not to be name-related.
    • She holds the title for having the shortest time as leader of Morning Musume, with her leadership lasting a mere 25 days.
    • She originally auditioned to be in 4th generation of Morning Musume, but wasn't selected into the final 10. In early 2001 though, she was contacted again and offered a chance to debut as a solo artist.
    • She trained a little more than a year before her first debut.
    • She worked as a receptionist at Up-Front Agency during her training period.
    • She is often called by fans as Matsuura Aya's rival, but in fact, they are the best of friends.
    • Fujimoto started off in 1999 when she audition at the avex dream 2000 audition, but didn't pass.
    • Fujimoto possesses an extensive fan base, which includes a group of people generally deemed "Mowota," an abbreviation of Morning Musume Otaku, who, while not literally worshiping her, often go to more extreme measures to display their affection towards Fujimoto. This group, called "Tokai Woters," generally performs a fixed choreography at concerts and on certain TV occasions. This choreography, carried to the sound of Miki's Romantic Ukare Mode, involves a series of moves accompanied by their chanting "Mikitty!" four times, which is then followed by "Miki-sama! Miki-sama, please punish me!" It is also said that they send her a lot of mail, and Fujimoto often says she enjoys getting "Miki-sama mail."
    • In early June 2012, her yakiniku restaurant was involved in a food poisoning scandal. 16 high school students were poisoned, 3 of them were sent to the hospital.
    • She mentioned on Hello! Morning that she found Natsuyaki Miyabi hard to get along with.
    • She was the only 6th Generation member of Morning Musume for 12 days, from January 7 through January 18, 2003. (The rest of the 6th Generation members joined on January 19, 2003)
    • She is the first member to get married in her generation.
    • Others often say that Fujimoto Miki is boyish.
    • She was the first Hello! Project artist to debut under the hachama label.
    • Along with Morito Chisaki, she is one of two members to fail a Morning Musume audition and then join the group without having to audition.

    Total Sales[]

    Year Year Sales Total Sales
    2002 263,459 263,459
    2003 248,279 511,738
    2008 24,746 536,484

    Honorary Titles[]

    Honorary Titles
    Preceded by
    Sub-captain of Gatas Brilhantes H.P.
    April 7, 2005 – March 15, 2015
    Succeeded by
    Preceded by
    Yoshizawa Hitomi
    Sub-leader of Morning Musume
    April 14, 2005 – May 6, 2007
    Succeeded by
    Takahashi Ai
    Preceded by
    Ishikawa Rika
    Oldest Member of Morning Musume
    May 8, 2005 – May 6, 2007
    Succeeded by
    Takahashi Ai
    Preceded by
    Yoshizawa Hitomi
    Leader of Morning Musume
    May 6, 2007 – June 1, 2007
    Succeeded by
    Takahashi Ai
    Preceded by
    Sub-captain of Ongaku Gatas
    July 12, 2007 – March 31, 2010
    Succeeded by


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