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Forest For Rest ~Satoyama • Satoumi e Ikou~ SATOYAMA & SATOUMI with Yuuki no Tsubasa 2014 Shuukakusai (Forest For Rest ~里山・里海 へ行こう~ SATOYAMA & SATOUMI with 勇気の翼 2014 収穫祭) is the fourth major SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement event featuring various acts under UP-FRONT GROUP including Hello! Project. It took place from November 22 to November 24, 2014 at LaLaport TOKYO-BAY, and was livestreamed via Ustream.

This event featured various SATOYAMA and SATOUMI related activites, a collaboration with disabled children, a children's dance group contest, and live recordings for The Girls Live and MUSIC+.

The DVD of the event, which was available for pre-order for fanclub members and from e-LineUP! for a limited time, was released on March 26, 2015.

Featured Members[]

Hello! Project

Hello! Project
Special Guests
  • 2014 FOREST & OCEAN AWARD Participants
  • Hot Generation
  • Hello! Project Kids Dance Contestants
    • Afrogirls
    • Cranky
    • Double M
    • Dream Ranger
    • Little♡H (Dance Contest Winners)
    • Maple
    • Mini Dori (Special Award)
  • Kanazawa Shoko (Calligrapher)
  • Kumamon (Kumamoto Prefecture mascot)
  • Sado Burikatsu (Niigata Prefecture mascot)
  • Satoyama-kun (SATOYAMA movement mascot)

Stage Events Timetable[]

November 22[]

Schedule Event Title Participants
10:30-12:00 Opening Ceremony MC: Shinoda Junko, Joujou Gundan

Makoto (Sharam Q), Iida Kaori, Yasuda Kei, Ishikawa Rika, Tsuji Nozomi, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki, Morning Musume '14, ℃-ute, S/mileage, Hello Pro Kenshuusei (Yamagishi Riko, Ichioka Reina, Kaga Kaede, Saito Kana), Satoyama-kun

12:30-13:15 Sharam Q Drums Makoto's Satoyama Recommendations ~Stylish Country Life~ MC: Joujou Gundan

Presenter: Makoto (Sharam Q)
Other Participants: Nakazawa Yuko, Yasuda Kei, Fukumura Mizuki, Kudo Haruka

14:00-14:30 Churaumi, Diving, and Coral Saving Lessons MC: Ishikawa Rika

Ogawa Makoto, Ikuta Erina, Iikubo Haruna, Yajima Maimi, Okai Chisato

15:00-15:30 Forest Supporters MC: Shinoda Junko, Suzuki Keita

Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Tsuji Nozomi, Fujimoto Miki, Satoyama-kun

16:00-16:30 The Girls Live Talk Show MC: Shinoda Junko

Morning Musume '14, ℃-ute, S/mileage (Fukuda Kanon, Nakanishi Kana, Takeuchi Akari, Katsuta Rina, Tamura Meimi)

17:00-18:00 The Girls Live Performance MC: Shinoda Junko, Joujou Gundan

Morning Musume '14, ℃-ute, S/mileage (Nakanishi Kana, Katsuta Rina, Tamura Meimi)

19:30-21:00 ℃-ute "I miss you / THE FUTURE" Mini Live and Handshake Event ℃-ute

November 23[]

Schedule Event Title Participants
10:30-11:15 Hot Generation Live MC: Hamato Yuki

Hot Generation, ℃-ute

12:00-14:00 SATOYAMA & SATOUMI with Yuuki no Tsubasa 2014 Live Show Main Personality: Takahashi Ai, Joujou Gundan

Assistant Personality: Shinoda Junko
Yuuki no Tsubasa 2014: Hosokawa Kayoko, Hyodo Yuki
Guests: Horiuchi Takao, Takayama Gen, Morning Musume '14 (recorded message), Berryz Koubou, Satoda Mai, Country Girls, Shotaro

15:00-15:30 SATOYAMA & SATOUMI Quiz MC: Shinoda Junko, Joujou Gundan

Takahashi Ai, Ogawa Makoto, Mano Erina, S/mileage 2nd Generation (Nakanishi Kana, Takeuchi Akari, Katsuta Rina, Tamura Meimi)

16:00-16:30 Former Paris Fashion Model Maya Hayashi's Lifestyle Change MC: Joujou Gundan

Presenter: Maya Hayashi
Other Participants: Takahashi Ai, Mano Erina, Wada Ayaka

17:00-18:30 Hello! Project Dance Cover for Kids Contest MC: Joujou Gundan, Fukuda Kanon

Judges: YOSHIKO, UP-FRONT WORKS Representative, Wada Ayaka
Guest Performers: S/mileage

November 24[]

Schedule Event Title Participants
11:00-11:45 Kanazawa Shoko x Morning Musume '14 Collaboration Stage MC: Hamato Yuki

Kanazawa Shoko (calligrapher), Morning Musume '14

12:30-13:10 MUSIC+ LIVE SHOW! '14 Watase Maki (LINDBERG), Nakajima Takui, LoVendoЯ, THE Possible, Eric Fujisaki, Bitter & Sweet
14:00-14:30 Prefecture Character Mascots Performance MC: Suzuki Keita, Satoyama-kun

Kumamon, Takeda Hishimaru, Chacha Oukoku no Oujichama, Funaemon, Fuwafuwa-kun, Burikatsu-kun, Bei-kun, Mokomoko-chan, Hello Pro Kenshuusei

15:00-16:00 FOREST & OCEAN MUSIC AWARD SHOWCASE MC: Shinoda Junko, Sawayaka Goro

Amateur musicians, Bitter & Sweet, Eric Fukusaki

16:30-17:00 Ramsar Wetlands Quiz MC: Joujou Gundan

Responders: S/mileage
VTR Cast: Bitter & Sweet
Commentator: Yatsuhigata Nature Observation Center Ranger Nagai Yuki

17:30-19:15 Closing Ceremony MC: Shinoda Junko, Joujou Gundan

Brothers 5, Watase Maki, Nakajima Takui, S/mileage, LoVendoЯ, Eric Fukusaki, Bitter & Sweet

DVD Tracklist[]

  1. Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~ - Peaberry
  2. What is LOVE? - Morning Musume '14
  3. Sharam Q Drums Makoto's Satoyama Recommendations ~Stylish Country Life~ - Joujou Gundan, Makoto, Nakazawa Yuko, Yasuda Kei, Fukumura Mizuki, Kudo Haruka
  4. Become a Churaumi Master! ~The Attraction of Diving, and Learning the Importance of Coral~ - Ishikawa Rika, Ogawa Makoto, Yajima Maimi, Okai Chisato, Ikuta Erina, Iikubo Haruna
  5. THE FUTURE - ℃-ute
  6. BERRY FIELDS - Berryz Koubou
  7. Former Paris Collection Model Hayashi Maya's Dream Life "Satoyama Recommendations" ~Urban Life Even Begins with Stylish Agriculture~ - Joujou Gundan, Hayashi Maya, Takahashi Ai, Mano Erina, Wada Ayaka
  8. Uchouten LOVE - S/mileage
  9. One•Two•Three - Morning Musume '14
  10. Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai - Morning Musume '14
  11. This or That Mudflat Creatures Quiz ~Large Study of Ramsar Registered Wetlands~ - Joujou Gundam, S/mileage
  12. Aa Susukino - S/mileage
  13. Haitte Oide Kono Sato ni - Brothers 5
Bonus Footage
  1. "SATOYAMA movement Melon Curry" Complete Edition - Peaberry


  • It was announced during the opening ceremony that the next Forest For Rest event would take place on March 28 and March 29, 2015 at Pacifico Yokohama. The announcement did not include information about the Hello! Project Hina Fest concert, which usually takes place on the same days.
  • The 12th generation of Morning Musume, 3rd generation of S/mileage, and Juice=Juice did not participate in the event. However, they were still featured in the official goods for the event.


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