FLash 1st editions
1st Version
Single by Otani Masae
Released November 2017
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Flash is a CD Single by Otani Masae.

In 2017, Otani, together with Matsuda Ichidai (松多壱岱) and Zushi Mitsuhiro (図師光博), formed a unit called 舞台MODS#1 (Stage MODS#1) to create a place where actors can play seriously. The two-hour performance that combines a short and medium-sized conte group with an up-and-coming writer who has both popularity and ability and a team-based improvisation battle, shows the audience's awesomeness and distress to the audience.

Tied up to the unit's play “Farewell Seishun's Light”, Otani released a the theme song as a solo single called Flash in late November. It sold out quickly[1], so Otani said the first cover was the limited edition[2]. If you bought it at the theater, you'd get purchase benefits (a random bromide). You could also order it from her official werb shop. Random and special live photos would be included.[3]

On December 1st, Otani announced that the single would be released with three new different jacket covers (20 of each). The content of the singles would be the same.[4]


  1. Flash ~Original ver.~ (Flash〜オリジナルver.〜)
  2. Flash ~Acoustic ver.~ (Flash〜アコースティックver.〜)

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