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Everyday Everywhere is the 4th single by Taiyou to Ciscomoon, and the third of four in a planned release-spree leading up to their debut album.. It was released on August 25, 1999. The single reached #23 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for four weeks. It sold 20,180 copies in its first week and 33,550 copies total.

Tsunku described "Everyday Everywhere" as a "digital hip number" and insists that it is not a ballad.

In 2020, 21 years after the single release, the song was included on Petit Best 20 along with a live performance where Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina cover the song from Hello! Project 2008 Winter ~Wonderful Hearts Nenjuu Mukyuu~.



Taiyou to Ciscomoon - Everyday Everywhere (MV)

Everyday Everywhere (MV)

  1. Everyday Everywhere
  2. Uchuu de La Ta Ta super afro remix 
  3. Uchuu de La Ta Ta after summer remix 
  4. Everyday Everywhere (Instrumental)

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Single Information[]

Everyday Everywhere
  • Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
  • Arrangement, Keyboards, Programming: Murayama Shinichiro
  • Acoustic Guitar: Yoshikawa Chuei
  • Electric Guitar: Yamachi
  • Background Vocal: Taiyou to Ciscomoon, David Lowson, Brenda Vaughn
Uchuu de La Ta Ta super afro remix
Uchuu de La Ta Ta after summer remix
  • Remix: CHiBUN

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Tsunku's comments about the single:[1]

"This is a digital/hip song. On my TV show, "Asayan", I explained the viewers it was a ballad so everyone could understand, but it is actually not a ballad. If you have a good sense of rhythm, I don’t need to explain this. The dance sequence on stage is very intense, and the music video is also rhythmical and cool. During interlude, RuRu hits the E-flat. It is another octave higher than the normal girl’s E-flat. I was literally blown away by her talent."

The members were interviewed on how to sing this song perfect at karaoke. This is what they had to say:[2]

Kominato: If you think of it as a ballad, it requires technique. So I think it would be a song that feels good to sing if you’re confident in your singing.

RuRu: It is slow, but I want you to follow the rhythm and sing quietly but still being heard up until just before the chorus.

Inaba: If you sing it with harmony, it will sound wonderful.

Shinoda: It’s a song with a really slow tempo and heart, so if you sing it in your own way, it’ll sound great.


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