Eizou The Morning Musume Best 10
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Video Collection by Morning Musume
Native title 映像 ザ・モーニング娘。ベスト 10
Released June 13, 2000
Format VHS, DVD
Recorded 1997-2000
Label zetima zetima
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Eizou The Morning Musume Best 10 (映像 ザ・モーニング娘。ベスト 10) is Morning Musume's first PV collection. It was released on June 13, 2000 under the zetima label on VHS and DVD. It reached #1 on the Oricon charts and charted for twenty-six weeks. 

The DVD sold 154,894, while the VHS sold a total of 193,110 copies. Combined they sold a total of 348,004 copies.

Track listEdit

  1. Ai no Tane (愛の種)
  2. Morning Coffee (モーニングコーヒー)
  3. Summer Night Town (サマーナイトタウン)
  4. Daite HOLD ON ME! (抱いてHOLD ON ME!)
  5. Memory Seishun no Hikari (Memory 青春の光)
  6. Manatsu no Kousen (真夏の光線)
  7. Furusato (ふるさと)
  8. LOVE Machine (LOVEマシーン)
  9. Koi no Dance Site (恋のダンスサイト)
  10. Happy Summer Wedding (ハッピーサマーウェディング)

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