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Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~ / Hamkatsu Mokushiroku (英雄~笑って!ショパン先輩~/ハムカツ黙示録; Hero ~Smile! Sir Chopin~ / Hamkatsu Apocalypse) is BEYOOOOONDS' 3rd single. It was released on March 2, 2022 in six editions: 2 regular and 4 limited.[1] The first press of the regular editions includes a random member trading card of 12 kinds depending on the jacket (24 in total), and one random shiny group card. The Limited Edition SP2 includes a download card for one of 12 Free Angle Video, filmed with 70 cameras, of a "Hamkatsu Mokushiroku" solo dance video.

"Furefure Everyday" is a song promoting the KAGOME Yasai Seikatsu 100 (KAGOME野菜生活100) vegetable drink as part of the KAGOME GO! ME Project.

It was certified gold by the RIAJ, recognizing the sale of over 100,000 copies.[2]



BEYOOOOONDS - Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~ (MV) (Promotion Edit)


BEYOOOOONDS - Hamkatsu Mokushiroku (MV) (Promotion Edit)


Limited Editions A-B, SP2, Regular Editions[]

  1. Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~
  2. Hamkatsu Mokushiroku
  3. Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~ (Instrumental)
  4. Hamkatsu Mokushiroku (Instrumental)

Limited Edition SP1[]

  1. Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~
  2. Hamkatsu Mokushiroku
  3. Furefure Everyday 【Additional Track】 (フレフレ・エブリデイ)
  4. Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~ (Instrumental)
  5. Hamkatsu Mokushiroku (Instrumental)
  6. Furefure Everyday (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A Blu-ray[]

  1. Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~ (Music Video)
  2. Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~ (Dance Shot Ver.)
  3. Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~ (Making Eizou) (メイキング映像; Making Video)

Limited Edition B Blu-ray[]

  1. Hamkatsu Mokushiroku (Music Video)
  2. Hamkatsu Mokushiroku (Dance Shot Ver.)
  3. Hamkatsu Mokushiroku (Making Eizou)

Limited Edition SP1 Blu-ray[]

  1. Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~ (Music Video Guruguru Piano Ver.) (ぐるぐるピアノ Ver.; Piano Playing On and On Ver.)
  2. Hamkatsu Mokushiroku (Music Video Atsukiri Hamkatsu Ver.) (厚切りハムカツ Ver.; Thick Hamkatsu Slice Ver.)
  3. Furefure Everyday (Music Video)

Featured Members[]

BEYOOOONDS promoting "Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~"

BEYOOOONDS promoting "Hamkatsu Mokushiroku"

Single Information[]

Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~
Hamkatsu Mokushiroku
  • Lyrics: Kodama Ameko
  • Composition, Arrangement, Programming, Chorus: Hoshibe Sho[3]
Furefure Everyday
  • Lyrics: Kodama Ameko
  • Composition and Arrangement: Hoshibe Sho

Concert Performances[]

Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~
Hamkatsu Mokushiroku

Chart Positions[]

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Daily & Weekly Rankings
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 2
2 77,007
8 30 - - - 23 - 29 931
- 22 - 4 - - - 20 1,636
- - - 9 - - - 33 781
- - - 6 - 24 21 24 1,365
- - - 8 - - - 43 634
- - - 7 - - - 35 655
- - - 19 - - - x x
- - - - - - - Out for 2 weeks.
- - - 12 - - - x x
Monthly Ranking
Year Month Month Rank Sales Ref
2022 March 6 81,720 [4]

Total Reported Sales: 83,009*

Weekly Combined Ranking
Week Rank Points
2 79,246

Total Reported Points: 79,246*

Billboard Japan Top Single Sales[]

Week Rank Sales Ref
2 98,802 [5]
29 953 [6]

Total Reported Sales: 99,755*

Recochoku Music Video Rankings[]

Song Daily Rank Weekly Rank Monthly Rank
Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~ 1 4 16
Hamkatsu Mokushiroku 2 6 20

Other Chart Rankings[]

Country Chart Highest
Flag of Japan.svg.png Japan Billboard Japan Single Sales (First Three Days) 2
"Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~" only
Billboard Japan Hot 100 4 [8]
Billboard Japan Top Download Songs 12 [9]
"Hamkatsu Mokushiroku" only
Billboard Japan Top Download Songs 19 [9]


  • The single was announced on December 25, 2021 on their YouTube subchannel BEYOOOOONDS no Nobishiro.[10] The release date was announced on January 2, 2022 at the Hello! Project 2022 Winter ~LOVE & PEACE~ tour during the first performance of the song "Hamkatsu Mokushiroku".
  • This is the group's first double A-side single. It was also their first release to not include songs for each sub-unit.
  • "Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~" is a rearrangement of Chopin's Polonaise in A-flat major, Op. 53, more commonly known as the "Heroic" Polonaise.
  • Songwriter Hoshibe Sho ended up writing "Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~" after hearing Kobayashi Honoka had performed a piano cover of Chopin's Heroic Polonaise at her 2021 birthday event. Before then, production had already had an idea to cover a classical piece to contrast with BEYOOOOONDS' last two cover songs. "Eiyuu ~Waratte! Chopin Senpai~" mainly consists of Chopin's Heroic Polonaise and Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2, with a touch of Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu at the end.[11]
  • "Hamkatsu Mokushiroku" contains wordplay in the lyrics with the similar-sounding phrases "HAMKATSU kuu" (ハムカツ食う; eating hamkatsu) and "Haa... MUKAtsuku" (はぁ…ムカつく; ugh... that's annoying). The music video provides a scenario where angry people can be sated by eating Hamkatsu.[12]
  • There are four different dialogues in "Hamkatsu Mokushiroku": one in the music video of the song featuring Ichioka Reina, Kiyono Momohime, and Satoyoshi Utano, one in the single version of the song featuring Takase Kurumi, Yamazaki Yuhane, and Hirai Miyo, and another two included in the "Atsukiri Hamkatsu Ver." of the music video; one featuring Shimakura Rika, Eguchi Saya and Maeda Kokoro, and another featuring Nishida Shiori, Okamura Minami and Kobayashi Honoka. Additionally, the "Atsukiri Hamkatsu Ver." of the music video included in the Limited Edition SP1 Blu-ray features all four dialogues parts. All four dialogue parts were written by Nozawa Toru.[13]
  • The single's release date is almost exactly a year from their last single's by only one day.

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