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Dousoukai'03 ASAYAN (同想会'03 ASAYAN) is a compilation of songs by artists whose careers kicked off following their appearances participating on ASAYAN, the singing/performing competition TV show. 

Asayan, originally known as Asakusabashi Young Youhinten (浅草橋ヤング洋品店), was a talent search variety show that aired on TV Tokyo from 1995 to 2002. Some idols that were originally discovered through Asayan auditions produced by Tsunku, formed groups that worked under the umbrella group later to be named as the Hello! Project.

Morning Musume and Chemistry were formed from idols that made a debut on Asayan, but also solo artists like Ami Suzuki Ami, Sasaki Yuuko and Matsuzawa Yumi debuted in the show. Other Hello! Project acts that were formed on ASAYAN include Heike Michiyo and Taiyou to Ciscomoon.

Track list[]

DIsc 1

1 Baby baby baby / dos [from the Komuro Gyaruson Auditions]
2 逢いたい君がいない / Amagata Naomi [from the Komuro Gyaruson Auditions]
3 Running On / L☆IS [from the Komuro Gyaruson Auditions]
4 大きな風 / Ahane Ayano [from the Komuro Gyaruson Auditions]
5 IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT / SHU: DO [from the Ranpatsu Auditions]
6 LOVE SOMEBODY / Fukui Mariko [from the Komuro Gyaruson Auditions]
7 LOOP~Trance TK Mix~ / ABYSS [from the Komuro Gyaruson Auditions]
8 Action AtoZ / FBI [from the Komuro Gyaruson Auditions]
9 Neat Girl Age / Ishii Yuki in LUV 2 SHY
10 恋はCest si bon / Sasaki Yuuko [from the Komuro Gyaruson Auditions]

Disc 2
1 小さな道 / Say a Little Prayer [from the Komuro Gyaruson Auditions]
2 GET / Heike Michiyo [from the Josei Rock Vocal Auditions]
3 SPIRAL / pool bit boys [from the Dansei Vocalist Auditions]
4 SUperstar Hamster (スーーパースター☆ハムスター ) / YURIMARI [from the Ranpatsu Auditions]
5 Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽) / Taiyou to Ciscomoon [from the Geinoujin Shin Unit Audition)
6 Who Do You Love? / Kobayashi Yukie [The only winner of the Tetsuya Komuro Audition 1999]
7 BECAUE… / STEEL [from the Danshi Vocalist Auditions]
8 Atari Mae no Koto (あたりまえのこと) / CLOVER (CLOVER (Kabata Saki)) (CLOVER(椛田早紀ユニット)) [from the Haisha Fukkatsu Audition)
9 Sukiyaki / Nikki Monroe (aka Kobayashi Yukie)