Dolce with Buono!, August 2016
Left to right: Fujii Mariko, Higuchi Kei, Tsugunaga Momoko, eji (top), Naomichi (bottom), Suzuki Airi, Maimai, Natsuyaki Miyabi

Dolce (ドルチェ) was the live backing band of Buono!, having performed with the group since their first solo live in 2008, where they were originally introduced as Busters! (バスターズ). The band members were professional musicians or members of other bands.

Dolce disbanded alongside Buono! at their last concert on May 22, 2017.


Members at Time of Disbandment
  • eji - Bandmaster, keyboard
  • Fujii Mariko (藤井万利子) - Guitar
  • Higuchi Kei (ひぐちけい) - Guitar
  • Naomichi (なおみち); real name: Iwasaki Naomi (岩崎なおみ) - Bass
  • Maimai (まいまい); real name: Imamura Mai (今村舞) - Drums
Former Members
  • Kumi (クミ); real name: Kobayashi Kumi (小林久美) - Guitar
  • Kiku-chan (きくちゃん); real name: Kikuchi Kiyomi (菊池聖美) - Bass
  • Yoko (ヨーコ) - Drums
  • Sugawara Junko (菅原潤子) - Guitar
  • cheeta - Drums
  • Marty (マ-ティ); real name: Isogai Mayu (磯貝真由) - Guitar

Group Name OriginEdit

Like Buono!, Dolce is an Italian word that can apply to food; dolce meaning "sweet".


  • eji is the only member to have been in Dolce for every Buono! concert since the band was formed.
  • Dolce was a four-piece band until Buono! Festa 2016, when Higuchi Kei was added as a fifth member and second guitarist. Playing in Dolce was something Higuchi had dreamed of when she was in high school.[1]


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