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Denwa Matteimasu (電話待っています; Waiting For Your Call) is the third single by Melon Kinenbi. Its highest position on the Oricon weekly chart was #53 selling 6,910 copies.

Denwa Matteimasu was used as the ending theme to Idol wo Sagase!



Melon Kinenbi - Denwa Matteimasu (MV)

Denwa Matteimasu (MV)

  1. Denwa Matteimasu
  2. Mou Matemasen! (もう 待てませ〜ん!; I Can’t Wait Anymoree!)
  3. Denwa Matteimasu (Instrumental)

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Single Information[]

Denwa Matteimasu
  • Lyrics, Composition, and Chorus: Tsunku
  • Arrangement and Programming: Funayama Motoki
  • Music Video: Kawatani Hideo (Director), Suehiro Tetsushi (Producer)
Mou Matenmasen!

TV Performances[]

Concert Performances[]

Denwa Matteimasu
Mou Mattemasen!


  • The first press of the single came with a postcard to apply to the campaign "Anata no Kinenbi ni Denwa Shimasu" (I’ll Call You on Your Anniversary).


Tsunku’s comments about the single:

"It’s hard to believe but this is Melon Kinenbi’s 3 single already. Since its debut, the group has gained experiences through Hello! Project’s concerts as well as Morning Musume’s tour. I would say it is a rare opportunity for a newly debuted group to be able to do so much in just one year. Maybe those experiences made them grow up in a variety of ways.

As I was brainstorming their next song, my first idea came up, which was to create something with really bitter melody. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but the girls sung the song with ease while they were only given a limited amount of recording session. I think they did well considering the time limit.

Next, in regards to the lyrics, I wanted to write about a girl who was around the same age as them. My first task was to select the right vocabularies. Eventually, I selected the right theme word, “Phone Call”. Just like everyone has its own way of holding a phone, girls showed their own unique singing techniques, which was quite interesting for me. I think they were able to do so because they could understand the song in their own uniquely individual way.

Some style was a bit different from what I had in mind, but I heard how interesting the voice was, and Ithought, “Hey, this is also nice too.” I think this is how Melon Kinenbi’s originality was born.

The rhythm carries a strong melody, which makes you want to dance. Shibata sings, followed by Otani. Two girls’ voices are then surrounded by everyone’s chorus including Saito and Murata. I think this is the appeal of Melon Kinenbi that is going to be loved by many people in Japan.

My favorite ritual after a recording session is to come home to my room and repeatedly listen to what I have recorded on the same day while enjoying ice cold beer. I discovered “Denwa Matteimasu” is a great song when you are feeling a little tipsy. I hope you get to experience the similar great feelings when listening to this song."

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