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Dansha-ISM / Ima Nanji? (断捨ISM/イマナンジ?; Minimalism / What Time is it?) is Tsubaki Factory's 7th single. It was released on September 30, 2020 in 4 editions: 2 regular and 2 limited. The first press of the regular editions included a random trading card of 10 kinds depending on the jacket (20 in total).

After its release, it became the last single to feature sub-leader Ogata Risa.



Tsubaki Factory - Dansha-ISM (MV) (Promotion Edit)


Tsubaki Factory - Ima Nanji? (MV) (Promotion Edit)


Regular Edition A[]

  1. Dansha-ISM
  2. Ima Nanji?
  3. My Darling ~Do you love me?~
  4. Dansha-ISM (Instrumental)
  5. Ima Nanji? (Instrumental)
  6. My Darling ~Do you love me?~ (Instrumental)

Regular Edition B[]

  1. Dansha-ISM
  2. Ima Nanji?
  3. Koi no UFO Catcher (恋のUFOキャッチャー; UFO Catcher of Love)
  4. Dansha-ISM (Instrumental)
  5. Ima Nanji? (Instrumental)
  6. Koi no UFO Catcher (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A-B[]

  1. Dansha-ISM
  2. Ima Nanji?
  3. Dansha-ISM (Instrumental)
  4. Ima Nanji? (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A DVD[]

  1. Dansha-ISM (Music Video)
  2. Dansha-ISM (Dance Shot Ver.)

Limited Edition B DVD[]

  1. Ima Nanji? (Music Video)
  2. Ima Nanji? (Dance Shot Ver.)

Featured Members[]

Tsubaki Factory promoting "Dansha-ISM"

Tsubaki Factory promoting "Ima Nanji?"

Tsubaki Factory promoting "Ima Nanji?"

Single Information[]

  • Lyrics and Composition: SHOCK EYE (Shonan no Kaze)[1]
  • Arrangement, Programming, and Guitar: Kusano Masashi
  • Chorus: SHOCK EYE, Kusano Masashi, M!ho
Ima Nanji?
  • Lyrics: Soflan Daichi
  • Composition, Arrangement, Programming, and Guitar: Tamaki Chihiro
  • Chorus: SaKy
  • Dance Choreography: NANOI[2]
My Darling ~Do you love me?~
Koi no UFO Catcher
  • Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement, Programming, and Guitar: Jin Tsuchihaji
  • Dance Choreography: YOSHIKO[4]


TV Performances[]

  • [2020.09.19] J-MELO
  • [2021.03.30] Sukapa! Spring Fes2021 ~Idol Live~ (My Darling ~Do you love me?~)
  • [2021.08.06] Sukapa! Idol Fes! ~2021 Natsu~ (Dansha-ISM)

Concert Performances[]

Ima Nanji?
My Darling ~Do you love me?~
Koi no UFO Catcher

Event Performances[]

Ima Nanji?
My Darling ~Do you love me?~
Koi no UFO Catcher

Chart Positions[]

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Daily & Weekly Rankings
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3
12 3
19 11 5 4 36,470
31 - - - - - - 67 396
- - - - - - - 111 184
- - - - - - - 156 120
- - - - - - - Out for 3 weeks.
- - - - - - - 48 630
Monthly Ranking
Year Month Month Rank Sales Ref
2020 October 6 37,170 [5]
Yearly Ranking
Year Year Rank Sales
2020 90 37,800

Total Reported Sales: 37,800

Weekly Combined Ranking
Week Rank Points
4 38,020

Total reported points: 38,020

Billboard Japan Top Single Sales[]

Week Rank Sales Ref
4 40,164 [6]
68 N/A [7]

Total Reported Sales: 40,164+

Recochoku Music Video Rankings[]

Song Daily Rank Weekly Rank Monthly Rank
Dansha-ISM 3 8 66
Ima Nanji? 4 11 71

Other Chart Rankings[]

Country Chart Highest
Flag of Japan.svg.png Japan Billboard Japan Single Sales (First Three Days) 4
"Dansha-ISM" only
Billboard Japan Hot 100 19 [9]


  • The single was announced on June 30, 2020, during a livestream of select performances from the Hello! Project Hina Fes 2020 <Tsubaki Factory Premium> concert on the official Tsubaki Factory YouTube channel.[10][11]
  • "Dansha-ISM" is a play on the phrase "Danshari" (断捨離) meaning "minimalism", "decluttering", or "clearing out past accumulation".
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, autograph signing sessions and most other events for the single were done virtually through the internet. This is the third Hello! Project single promoted this way after Juice=Juice's "Pop Music / Suki tte Itte yo" and ANGERME's "Kagiriaru Moment / Mirror Mirror".
  • On August 10, 2020, Tsubaki Factory held a mini-live release event at the outdoor stage of the Toshimaen Amusement Park in Tokyo.[12][13] This was Tsubaki Factory's first live event or concert as a group held with an audience since the Tsubaki Factory Live Tour 2020 Haru Tsubaki on February 22, 2020. In compliance with government policy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cheering, crowding, standing, and closeness in the venue were prohibited, and wearing masks was required to enter.
  • On Twitter, Tsubaki Factory initiated a campaign titled "Ima Nanji? Itoshi no My Darling" (イマナンジ?愛しのMyダーリン) to promote the single. The official Tsubaki Factory Twitter account tweeted out a button, and by pressing it, fans could promote the single and get a short greeting video from a Tsubaki Factory member.[14]
  • Starting on September 30, Tsubaki Factory held a shop campaign to promote the single. Fans who purchased the single at TSUTAYA RECORDS, HMV, TOWER RECORDS, WonderGOO, Amazon, or Rakuten Books would get a special sticker as a bonus. TOWER RECORDS, HMV, and TSUTAYA RECORDS also each held their own shop campaigns where fans who purchase the single in store would receive a poster as a bonus.[15]
  • On October 8, 2020, it was announced all of Ogata Risa's individual online release events through WithLIVE for the single have been cancelled as a result of her suspension, and tickets will be refunded.[16]
  • This is currently their lowest selling major single, making Tsubaki Factory the only non-Morning Musume affiliated Hello! Project act to not have a major single that sold less copies than "Pyocopyoco Ultra".

Additional Videos[]


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