Danna-sama (だんな様; Husband) is Nakazawa Yuko's 12th single. It was released on October 10, 2007, and sold 1,710 copies in its first week and 2,853 copies overall.

This is her lowest selling and lowest charting single.


Yuko Nakazawa (中澤 裕子) - Danna Sama ENG SUB

Yuko Nakazawa (中澤 裕子) - Danna Sama ENG SUB

Danna-sama (MV)

  1. Danna-sama
  2. Greeting Card (グリーティングカード)
  3. Danna-sama (Instrumental)

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Nakazawa Yuko 2008

Nakazawa Yuko promoting single

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Greeting Card


Nakazawa said this about the single in a 2008 interview: "This is such a wonderful song! This is a song about a wife who’s married to the husband for 3 years. It’s a really good song that hits the soft spot of a woman’s mind. The music has some folk sound to it and it makes you feel nostalgic. The lyrics make me speechless. “Sonna Anata ga Suki dakara / Zutto Isshoni Itakute Kekkon Shita no / Nanigeni Te Wo Nobasuto / Anata ga Tsunaide Kureru” («I love you the way you are /and I am married to you because / I simply wanted to be with you / When I simply reach my hand over / you gently grab my hand / and hold it tightly with yours.») Oh my goodness. Just imagine, you guys. Okay, you, in front of TV, just reach your hand and imagine your darling gently catching your hand and holding it tightly against his/hers. Now, I bet you are feeling pretty warm and fuzzy inside. You see how wonderful this song is? It doesn’t matter whether you are married, unmarried, which includes myself, we can all share the same feelings. There are so many moving words in this lyrics, so I would like you to read over the lyrics again when you listen to it the next time."[1]


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