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Danielle Mealani Delaunay[1] (in Japanese: ダニエル・デラウニー) is a singer, an actress and a vocal coach. She is a former idol as an original member of Coconuts Musume under Hello! Project. In 2000, she graduated from the group and Hello! Project to pursue her college education. Since 2008 she has been running a vocal training studio in Paia, Hawaii called "Danielle Delaunay Voice Studio",[2] as well as being a Music Teacher at Maui Academy of Performing Arts since 2017.[3]


Early life[]

In 1989, Danielle accompanied her family to Honolulu so her older sister could audition for a small part in the 1989 “Baywatch” pilot movie, “Panic at Malibu Pier.” But on the day of the casting call, Danielle caught the eye of the casting director, who asked if she would audition for the part her sister wanted. A few weeks later, Danielle made her acting debut as "Cindy", a drowning girl who is rescued from a rip current by David Hasselhoff and his fellow “Baywatch” lifeguards.[4] Danielle later said her sister was very angry, because it was her audition..It took her a good 8 or 9 years to get over it, but that they laugh about it now.[5]

In the years that followed, Danielle landed more film and television roles, as well as modeling and commercial acting gigs.[4]

From she was 12 to 14 years, Danielle auditioned for musical theater productions and entered (and won) karaoke contests statewide.[4]


Not long after turning 14, Danielle spotted a newspaper article about a Sony Music Entertainment Japan-sponsored karaoke contest on Oahu and promptly mailed off an audition package. To her delight, she was selected to compete, and although she made it to the final round, she didn’t win the contest. A few weeks later, she received a surprising phone call: Danielle was asked to join the Hello! Project group Coconuts Musume.[4]


On May 27, Coconuts Musume were first introduced on an episode of ASAYAN, and on July 23, they released their debut single, Halation Summer / Summer Night Town (English Version).

In August, the group made their debut in Taiwan and released the Taiwanese edition of their first single. The music videos for both "Halation Summer" and "Summer Night Town (English Version)" were shot there.

On August 25, Coconuts Musume released their second single, DANCE & CHANCE.

In October, the group released a collection of their music videos on VHS and DVD titled Coconuts Musume.


In 2000, Danielle was part of the Hello! Project shuffle unit Akagumi 4. They released the single "Akai Nikkichou". During the Hello! Project Autumn tour, Maeda Yuki had taken Danielle's place in Akagumi 4 for the live performances, as Delaunay had injured her leg.


In April, it was announced on Idol wo Sagase that Danielle would graduate from Coconuts Musume on May 8th to complete her university education.[7] Rumors were spread among fans saying that she had had a nervous break-down, and had to take her time recovering.


Following her graduation from Hello! Project in May 2001, she spent a year studying musical theory in Los Angeles, before moving to England to study at the Conservatoire for three years, graduating in 2005. Danielle went on to earn a graduate degree in musical theater from the Guildford School of Acting at the University of Surrey and began teaching private voice lessons in London.



Short for RueBelle Designs: Hi-end designer Jewelry. Autumn Winter 010-011 Collection


In May 2007, it was announced that Danielle had formed a new band called Delaunay. They actively performed in London, UK, until they split at the end of the year.

Danielle said in a 2007 interview that the Hello! Project member she is still in touch with is Lehua, whome she said she speaks to occasionally.

From 2007 to 2009, Danielle uploaded several songs on her MySpace page.


In 2008, she married former Delaunay guitarist Joti Mangat. The couple welcomed their first son Ethan later that year, and their second son Ronan in 2011.


In 2011, Danielle appeared in a short for RueBelle Designs: Hi-end designer Jewelry. Autumn Winter 010-011 Collection.


In 2013, Danielle starred in Maui OnStage’s production of “Shout! The Mod Musical”.

In March, Danielle got a license as a VIP instructor in vocology in practice.

In September, Danielle shot a music video for "Mother Dear", with Rosie Matheson directing.[6]


In 2015, Danielle graced the Maui Arts & Cultural Center’s Castle Theater stage as Peron’s Mistress in the Maui Academy of Performing Arts’ production of “Evita”.


In 2017, Danielle started working as a Music Teacher at Maui Academy of Performing Arts.

In 2017, Danielle served as the musical director for “Disney’s Mulan, Jr.,” a stage musical performed by the students of MAPA’s Summer Musical Theatre Camp. She also starred as Esmeralda in the theater play “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.


After the quarantine was in effect due to the corona virus in March, Danielle made and posted several parody videos on instagram. Honolulu Museum presented one of her films, titled "Mom", in the quarantine film challenge.[7] The short documentary made the official 2020 selection at Hawa'i Filmmakers Collective & HoMA.[8]

In July, Danielle made the local news in Hawaii, discussing how to move forward into the new school year. Homeschool or back to school?[9]

On November 6 and November 7, Danielle will take part in the contemporary musical "Songs for a New World". It was available for streaming through mauiacademy.org.[10]


In late March, Danielle announced on her official instagram she was cast in a recurring role on an Amazon Original Series, a serialization of the 90s horror classic "I Know What You Did Last Summer". [11]

In November, Danielle took part in a podcast where she talked about her body image as part of her experience being in music group in Japan. She said those times were awful, and that staff always gave her clothes that was too tight for her body (making her feel fat) and that she was constantly told to lose weight. [12]

Personal Life[]

  • Danielle studied Speech Level Singing with Seth Riggs, David Stroud and Joy Fields.
  • She graduated from the Conservatoire of Acting and Musical Theatre in 2005.



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  • Good Enough (Demo)
  • Good Enough
  • didyouknow
  • SHOEstring (Demo)
  • SHOEstring
  • Not Yet At Least (Demo)
  • Not Yet At Least

  • Works[]


    • [1989] Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier (Co-starring appearance as "Cindy" in the pilot film.)
    • [1995] Waterworld (Appeared as a photo double for Tina Majorino and was an extra on the set.)
    • [2020] Aloha Surf Hotel (Co-starring appearance as "Julie")


    • [2012] Hawaii Five-0 (season 3 episode 1, as Maria Gold)
    • [2021] I Know What You Did Last Summer (Tv-Series)


    • "Eve" in production of "The Apple Tree".
    • Female lead as "Louisa" in musical production of "The Fantasticks".
    • Female lead as "Jaguar" in musical production of "Yanomamo".
    • Chorus role in musical production of "Scrooge".
    • Female lead as "Little Mary" in musical production of "10 Nights in a Barroom".
    • Chorus role in musical production of "Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd".
    • Female lead as "Esmeralda" in the theater play "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".
    • Musical director for the stage play “Disney’s Mulan, Jr."
    • "Peron's Mistress" in the stage play "Evita".


    • Opal Car Commercial
    • Clorox Commercial


    • Ruebelle Designs Model
    • Japanese Fashion Magazine


    • She is of Native American descent.
    • Has two sisters (Kirstin and Ivy).
    • She was once the face of Ruebelle Designs.
    • Despite not being able to speak Japanese, Danielle was known for having a fun, bubbly personality and a great singing voice to match.
    • While in Hello! Project, she had a 2 year recording contract as part of Coconuts Musume with Sony Music Japan and Galaxy Productions Japan.
    • During one of Morning Musume's trips to Hawaii, Goto Maki was attempting to make a decorative bowl out of a pineapple. Delaunay then cut it into pieces thinking she was trying to gut out the pineapple.


    • ^ Danielle Delaunay has not released any solo music on a record label, but she used to upload them to her MySpace site. In 2013, Danielle posted the music video for "Mother Dear."


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