Dakedo Aishisugite
Single by Heike Michiyo
from the album For ourself ~Single History~
Native title だけど 愛しすぎて
Released October 25, 1998
Genre J-Pop
Format CD single
Length 10:46
Label Warner Music Japan
Producer Sharam Q
Heike Michiyo Singles Chronology
Previous Daikirai 3rd single (1998)
Next Anata no Yume ni Naritai 5th single (1999)

Dakedo Aishisugite (Mix for Single) (だけど 愛しすぎて (Mix for Single); But I Loved You Too Much (Mix for Single)) is Heike Michiyo's fourth single, released on October 25, 1998. The single reached #95 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for one week. The single reportedly sold 2,060 copies, this is her lowest selling single.

The lead track was also released on her second album For ourself ~Single History~, and on the album Morning Cop ~Daite Hold on Me!~ OST.

Dakedo Aishisugite was used as the opening theme for the movie Morning Cop, and released on the soundtrack in September. It is slightly re-arranged and was therefore entitled "Mix for Screen" (as opposed to "Mix for Single").


Heike Michiyo - Dakedo Aishisugite (MV)

Heike Michiyo - Dakedo Aishisugite (MV)

Dakedo Aishisugite

  1. Dakedo Aishisugite
  2. Shinkokyuu Shiyou!! (深呼吸しよう!!; Let's Take a Deep Breath!!)
  3. Dakedo Aishisugite (Original Karaoke)

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Dakedo Aishisugite
Shinkokyuu Shiyou!!

TV PerformancesEdit

Dakedo Aishisugite

  • [1998.10.29] Nikkan Hit
  • [1999.01.10] Music Jump

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Dakedo Aishisugite

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