Dakedo Aishisugite (Mix for Single) (だけど 愛しすぎて (Mix for Single); But I Loved You Too Much (Mix for Single)) is Heike Michiyo's fourth single, released on October 25, 1998. The single reached #95 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for one week. It reportedly sold 2,060 copies, and is her lowest selling single.

"Dakedo Aishisugite" was re-arranged and used as the opening theme for the movie Morning Cop ~Daite HOLD ON ME!~, and released on the soundtrack in September 1998.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]


Heike Michiyo - Dakedo Aishisugite (MV)

Dakedo Aishisugite

  1. Dakedo Aishisugite
  2. Shinkokyuu Shiyou!! (深呼吸しよう!!; Let's Take a Deep Breath!!)
  3. Dakedo Aishisugite (Original Karaoke)

Single Information[edit | edit source]

Dakedo Aishisugite
Shinkokyuu Shiyou!!
  • Lyrics: Makiho Emi
  • Composition and Arrangement: Hatake

TV Performances[edit | edit source]

Dakedo Aishisugite

  • [1998.10.29] Nikkan Hit
  • [1999.01.10] Music Jump

Concert Performances[edit | edit source]

Dakedo Aishisugite

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