Da Xiao Jie
FA 87
Also Known As Frances & Aiko
Big Missy
Big Small Sister
Origin Taiwan
Genre Japanese Pop, Mandopop
Years Active 2009-2013
Labels Forward Music
Associated Acts Ice Creamusume
Members Wu Zhao Xian
Lan Ai Zi

Da Xiao Jie (大小姐; also known as Frances & Aiko, Big Missy, Ojou-sama, or Big Small Sister) was a pop duo. The duo consisted of two young Chinese girls named Wu Zhao Xian and Lan Ai Zi. The two girls were found when they auditioned at the Taiwan NEW STAR auditions which were held to find members for a new Taiwanese group to allow Hello! Project into the Chinese market. They were deemed too young to participate in Ice Creamusume and didn't make the final cut. They were originally signed to Hello! Project Taiwan. The duo was managed by Forward Music in Taiwan.



Frances aiko

Da Xiao Jie in 2012, with Morning Musume members.


Wu Zhao Xian and Lan Ai Zi both attended the Taiwan NEW STAR auditions held to find members for a new Hello! Project group based in Taiwan. Eventually, the two were passed over when it came to the selection as Tsunku felt they were both too young to be members of his new unit, Ice Creamusume, even though they both made it to the finals. Wu Zhao Xian was only eight years of age and Lan Ai Zi was six.

However, Tsunku stated he had special plans for the duo and they later appeared in January when they performed alongside Morning Musume member Kusumi Koharu in the Elder Club graduation concert as backing dancers, having flown out to Japan for dancing lessons. They were added to the official Hello! Project artist list in the beginning of March.


In May 2012, the group's profile was removed from the Hello! Project website.

They made a video of themselves dancing to the popular Korean Pop song, "Gangnam Style."

They also met with a few Morning Musume members in Taiwan.

The group decided to disband to focus on school after agreement from their parents and management.


On July 30, Da Xiao Jie's third mini album and final release Follow Me was released.

Group NameEdit

The group's name is officially "Da Xiao Jie" (大小姐). An article on the Hello! Project website about their debut revealed that the group name in Japanese is "Ojou-sama" (お嬢さま), but their profile on the site was listed as Frances & Aiko (フランシス&愛子). An official poster, and the URL to their group BabyHome, showed their unit name to be written in English as "Big Small Sister."



  1. [2011.01.26] Jia Jiayou! Da Xiao Jie (加加油!大小姐)
  2. [2013.07.30] Follow Me

Mini AlbumsEdit

  1. [2009.09.15] Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie (我是大小姐)
  2. [2009.09.15] Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie Zhi Hu Hu Sheng Feng He Nian Ban (我是大小姐虎虎生風賀年版)


  • They are the youngest group to ever join Hello! Project.
  • They met up with the selected Morning Musume members who went to Taiwan in 2012.

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