DVD The Ki Ao Aka
Compilation Video by Aoiro 7, Kiiro 5, Akagumi 4
Native title DVDザ・黄青あか
Released May 4, 2000
Genre J-Pop, J-Rock
Format DVD
Label zetima zetima
Next The 3・7・10nin Matsuri (2001)

DVD The Ki Ao Aka (DVDザ・黄青あか) is the DVD for the 2000 Hello! Project shuffle units. It contains the music videos for the shuffle units' singles. The DVD was released on May 24, 2000.


  1. Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM - Kiiro 5
  2. Aoi Sports Car no Otoko - Aoiro 7
  3. Akai Nikkichou - Akagumi 4

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