DO-DA! Taiyo & Ciscomoon vs T&C Bomber (DO-DA! 太陽とシスコームーン VS T&Cボンバー) is a series of concert by Hello! Project group T&C Bomber in 2000.

The concerts were held at Zepp Tokyo in Tokyo on October 1st, at Diamond Hall in Nagoya on October 3rd, and at BIG CAT in Osaka on October 9th. The Osaka show sold out by September 24.[1]

It was never released on VHS or DVD.


Saying goodbye to T&C Bomber on Hello! Morning


Tour dates announced


  1. Tsuki to Taiyou
  2. HEY! Mahiru no Shinkirou 
  3. Magic of Love 
  4. -MC- 
  5. Hey You! 
  6. Sunrise Sore Demo Hi wa Noboru 


  1. Aisuru Hito e - by RuRu
  2. Office Love - by Shinoda Miho
  3. Ai no Kaisuu - by Inaba Atsuko 
  4. Mata Yacchatta ~Shibuya de ALL no Hi~ - by Kominato Miwa
  5. Go Go Tokyo
  6. Everyday Everywhere 
  7. DON'T STOP RenaichuuMarui Taiyou
  8. -MC- 
  9. Be My LOVE 
  10. Gatamekira
  11. Uchuu de La Ta Ta


  1. ENDLESS LOVE〜I Love You More〜 
  2. Yes! Shiawase 

Shensuuraku Nomi (千秋楽のみ )
Encore 2

  1. Tsuki to Taiyou
  2. Magic of Love (October 9th show only)

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  1. Hello! Morning (September 24, 2000 & October 1, 2000)
  2. [1]

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