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DO-DA! Taiyo & Ciscomoon vs T&C Bomber (DO-DA! 太陽とシスコームーン VS T&Cボンバー) is a concert tour by Hello! Project group T&C Bomber, and the group's last concert tour under Hello! Project. It ran from October 1 through October 9, 2000. The Osaka show sold out by September 24, 2000.[1]

It was never released on VHS or DVD, but segments of the concert were shown on an episode of ASAYAN aired October 15, 2000. The episode also showed rehearsals, interviews with the members and footage from behind the scenes.


  1. Tsuki to Taiyou
  2. HEY! Mahiru no Shinkirou 
  3. Magic of Love 
  4. -MC- 
  5. Hey You! 
  6. Sunrise Sore Demo Hi wa Noboru 
  7. Aisuru Hito e - by RuRu
  8. Office Love - by Shinoda Miho
  9. Ai no Kaisuu - by Inaba Atsuko 
  10. Mata Yacchatta ~Shibuya de ALL no Hi~ - by Kominato Miwa
  11. Go Go Tokyo
  12. Everyday Everywhere 
  13. DON'T STOP RenaichuuMarui Taiyou
  14. -MC- 
  15. Be My LOVE 
  16. Gatamekira
  17. Uchuu de La Ta Ta 
  18. ENDLESS LOVE〜I Love You More〜 
  19. Yes! Shiawase  
    Shensuuraku Nomi (千秋楽のみ )
    Encore 2
  20. Tsuki to Taiyou
  21. Magic of Love (October 9 show only)

Featured Members[]

Concert Schedule[]

Date Venue Prefecture
October 1 Zepp Tokyo Tokyo
October 3 Diamond Hall Nagoya
October 9 BIG CAT Osaka


Their words of farewell were:

Kominato Miwa: "Thank you for the last year and a half. Your cheering voices reached into my heart and gave me the strength to go on. Until next time… See you."
Shinoda Miho: "It’s been a year and a half since I met everyone. With everyone’s help, I was able to form so many great memories. I’m going to keep on working hard, so until the day I see you again… Thank you for everything."
Inaba Atsuko: "That year and a half went by so quickly. But I have so many memories from it. Thank you for all your support. And please keep on supporting me."
RuRu: "Thank you for everything! Keep your eyes on us from now. Jīn hòu yě qǐng duō guān zhào. Zài jiàn."



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