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Solo Photobook by Kamei Eri
Released September 16, 2005
Publisher Wanibooks
Cooperation with Up-Front Agency
Photographer Saito Kiyotaka
Kamei Eri Publication Chronology
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DAYS is Kamei Eri's second solo photobook. It was released on September 16, 2005 and published by WaniBooks. It also came with a making of DVD. The photography was done by Saito Kiyotaka.


Photobook TitleEdit

The title of the photobook means to express the "days of 16-year-old".

Photobook ContentEdit

The photobook shows Kamei at work expressing herself like she tries to do with her voice- being happy, jolly, and energetic. The photobook's theme was the days of a 16 year-old girl in the summer. The pictures are shot of her doing things her regular self would do whether it was playing basketball, diving into the pool, or going to school. There are also some elegant shots of her in a dress and fun shots of her shopping at a a store.

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