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Country Musume ni Ishikawa RIka (Morning Musume) Major Debut Kinen! Shinkyoku Happyou Event & Akushu-kai at HMV Yokohama VIVRE (カントリー娘。に石川梨華(モーニング娘。)  メジャーデビュー記念!  「新曲発表イベント&握手会」 at HMV横浜 VIVRE; Country Musume. ni Ishikawa Rika (Morning Musume.) Major Debut Commemoration! “New Song Release Event & Handshake Event” at HMV Yokohama VIVRE) was Country Musume's major debut event, held on April 22, 2001 in Yokohama. They sang two songs, and fans attending the event could attend the handshake event following.

This was part of an in-store event starting in Tokyo (where Ishikawa Rika was absent) on April 18, then Osaka and Nagoya on April 21, Yokohama on April 22, and finally Sapporo on April 22.[1]

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  • A fan delivered a letter to Rinne at this event, she/he posted the reply here.
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