Country Musume Shin Member Audition (カントリー娘。新メンバーオーディション; Country Musume New Member Audition) was an audition to find new members for the Japanese pop group Country Musume. The audition was announced on February 11, 2014 by sole Country Musume member Satoda Mai.

On August 7, it was announced that the audition had finished; there were no winners.

Audition DetailsEdit




Audition Requirements
  1. Female; 10-17 years old
  2. Must not currently be under contract with any agencies.
  3. Must have consent from legal guardian if under age.
  • Application Deadline: April 20, 2014
  • Total Applicants: N/A

Audition ProcessEdit

First RoundEdit

The original application deadline was on March 31, 2014. Due to a large amount of applications submitted, the deadline was extended to April 20, 2014.

Second RoundEdit

The second round started on April 21st. The videotape and profile of each girl was viewed by Tsunku. All the candidates were interviewed during this round.

On July 7 it was announced on the audition website that the second round was finished and continuing candidates would be contacted directly.


On August 7, it was revealed that no winners were selected to joined Country Musume.


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