Country Girls Funaki Musubu Birthday Event 2016
DVD Cover
DVD by Funaki Musubu
Native title カントリー・ガールズ 船木結バースデーイベント2016
Released 2016
Genre Birthday Event
Format DVD
Recorded May 10, 2016
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Funaki Musubu Promoting Event

Country Girls Funaki Musubu Birthday Event 2016 (カントリー・ガールズ 船木結バースデーイベント2016) is Funaki Musubu's 14th birthday event. Three events took place at TOKYO FM HALL on May 10, 2016.


  1. MC - Talk, cake and birthday song, Q&A, guest appearance by Fujii Rio, games, VTR message from Yanagawa Nanami
  2. Sungoi My Birthday
  3. Performance Varies
    • 1st Event: Funauta (Yashiro Aki)
    • 2nd and 3rd Event: Tsugunai (Teresa Teng)
  4. ROCK Erotic
  5. Sabori
  6. Choto Mate Kudasai!

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Event ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Event Starts
5/10 TOKYO FM HALL Tokyo 16:00 16:30
17:50 18:20
19:30 20:00

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Country Girls Funaki Musubu Birthday DVD 2016 (カントリー・ガールズ 船木結 バースデーDVD 2016) was a DVD magazine released on April 29, 2016 at the "Boogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~" release event at UMEDA CLUB QUATTRRO and through e-LineUP!.


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