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For more details about Country Girls' predecessor, please see Country Musume.

Country Girls (カントリー・ガールズ) was an all-female J-pop group within Hello! Project. The group was a 2014 revival of the former Hello! Project group Country Musume, which was known for its concept of being a group of country girls from Hokkaido. Unlike its predecessor, the rebooted Country Girls was based in Tokyo alongside the rest of Hello! Project. Satoda Mai, the last remaining member of Country Musume, acted as Country Girls's supervisor, while Berryz Koubou member Tsugunaga Momoko acted as the group's playing manager.[1]

Country Girls's highest selling single is "Itooshikutte Gomen ne / Koi Dorobou" with 51,579 copies sold, while their lowest selling single is "Dou Datte Ii no / Namida no Request" with 26,984 copies sold.

On December 26, 2019, the group suspended all activities. There is a possibility that the group will be revived with new members, but nothing has been decided as of yet.[2]


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Staff Members

  • Tsugunaga Momoko (嗣永桃子; Pink Penlight.png Pink) (Graduated: June 30, 2017; Playing Manager 2014-2017)
  • Inaba Manaka (稲場愛香; ItalianRed Penlight.png Italian Red) (Graduated: August 4, 2016)
  • Shimamura Uta (島村嬉唄; Daisy Penlight.png Daisy) (Left: June 12, 2015)
  • Yanagawa Nanami (梁川奈々美; Purple Penlight.png Purple) (Graduated: March 11, 2019; Concurrent Juice=Juice member 2017-2019)

  • History[]

    Country Girls, August 2019

    Country Girls, March 2019

    Country Girls, August 2018

    Country Girls, July 2017

    Country Girls, February 2017

    Country Girls, September 2016

    Country Girls, August 2016

    Country Girls, March 2016

    Country Girls, December 2015

    Country Girls, August 2015

    Country Girls, March 2015

    Country Girls, January 2015

    2014: Revival as Country Girls[]

    On January 2, Tsunku revealed that he was considering restarting Country Musume.

    On February 11, through a VTR message, Satoda Mai announced the Country Musume Shin Member Audition during the Hello! Project 2014 WINTER tour. However, Satoda would not participate in the group's activities for the possible new line-up, as she then resided outside of Japan.

    On August 7, it was announced that the auditions had ended and no new members were chosen.

    On November 5, it was announced that Country Musume was revived as a brand new group called Country Girls with five new members: Inaba Manaka and Yamaki Risa from Hello Pro Kenshuusei and Morito Chisaki, Shimamura Uta and Ozeki Mai from the Morning Musume '14 (Golden) Audition!.[1][4] Satoda Mai would be the group's general manager/supervisor.[1] Tsugunaga Momoko would also become a member of the group as the playing manager after her group Berryz Koubou would go on indefinite hiatus in early 2015.[1][4][5] The new unit would debut in the upcoming Hello! Project 2015 WINTER concert tour.[1][4]

    Country Girls rejoined Hello! Project as a brand new group under UP-FRONT PROMOTION. With Satoda Mai moving from Country Musume into a position as a supervisor for Country Girls, Country Musume effectively disbanded.

    2015: 2nd Major Debut[]

    On March 15, the group's radio show Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Kenshuuchuu!! began airing without Tsugunaga Momoko. The show ended two weeks later, and would be replaced with a new show including Tsugunaga Momoko.

    On March 25, Country Girls released their major debut single since re-joining Hello! Project, "Itooshikutte Gomen ne / Koi Dorobou". It debuted in 4th place on Oricon's daily chart rankings and 3rd in the weekly chart rankings.

    On April 2, Country Girls and ℃-ute performed at forTUNE fes vol.0.[6]

    On April 5, the group's radio show Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu!! began airing.

    The group along with Kobushi Factory were the opening acts for the Juice=Juice First Live Tour 2015 ~Special Juice~.

    On June 12, it was announced, due to contract disagreements between management and her family, Shimamura Uta had left the group.[7]

    On June 24, Country Girls performed at the TV Tokyo Music Festival(2) along many other artists, including Morning Musume '15 and Morning Musume OG.[8]

    On August 5, Country Girls released their 2nd single "Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer Time".

    On November 5, during Country Girls' first anniversary event in Shinjuku, it was announced that Funaki Musubu and Yanagawa Nanami would join the group as new members.[9][10]

    On December 2, Country Girls performed at the UPDATE girls LIVE, alongside idol groups Lyrical School and Tokyo Performance Doll.[11]


    On February 9, during the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival, Country Girls performed a special live titled Country Girls Boogie Woogie LIVE. It took place in Odori Park in front of the HTB Snow Square.[12]

    On February 18, Country Girls performed a joint live with Idol Renaissance for DOUBLE COLOR session11 at Shinjuku BLAZE.[13]

    On February 28, Country Girls performed at the SKY PerfecTV! Ongakusai 2016.[14]

    On March 9, Country Girls released their 3rd single "Boogie Woogie LOVE / Koi wa Magnet / Ranrarun ~Anata ni Muchuu~". It is Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu's debut single.

    On April 28, it was announced that Inaba Manaka would be taking a break from Country Girls' activities due to asthma after consulting with her doctors. It was initially stated that she would be returning to Country Girls when she recovered from her illness, but on August 4 she graduated from the group.[15]

    On September 28, Country Girls released their 4th single "Dou Datte Ii no / Namida no Request".

    During the Country Girls Live Tour 2016 Fuyu day concert at Shinjuku ReNY on November 5 and Country Girls' second anniversary, Tsugunaga Momoko announced that she would be graduating from Country Girls and Hello! Project as well as retiring from the entertainment industry on June 30, 2017 to work in education.[16]

    2017: Concurrency[]

    On February 8, Country Girls released their 5th single and Tsugunaga Momoko's last, "Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanut Butter Jelly Love".

    On March 12, Country Girls performed in the SKY PerfecTV! Ongakusai 2017.[17]

    On June 9, it was announced that Country Girls would be switching over to a new system after Tsugunaga's graduation. Morito Chisaki, Yanagawa Nanami, and Funaki Musubu would simultaneously join another Hello! Project group for their main activities, while Yamaki Risa and Ozeki Mai focused on their studies. Country Girls would mainly perform on school breaks and holidays due to the change. In addition to this, most of their singles from this point would be released in a digital format. Country Girls would continue to perform as a six-member line-up at the Tsugunaga Momoko Last Live ♥Arigatou Otomomochi♥, and as a five-member line-up throughout the Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER tour.[18][19]

    On June 26, through a special episode of Hello! Project Station, it was announced that Morito had joined Morning Musume '17, Yanagawa had joined Juice=Juice, and Funaki had joined ANGERME; all as concurrent members.[20][21]

    Tsugunaga Momoko graduated from both the group and Hello! Project during the Tsugunaga Momoko Last Live ♥Arigatou Otomomochi♥ concert at an outdoor venue in Odaiba on June 30.[22]

    On August 11, they released the digital song "Konamaiki Girl".

    On December 24, they released the digital single "Kaite wa Keshite no "I Love You"".


    On August 24, Country Girls released two digital songs together, titled "Matenai After Five / Kasa wo Sasu Senpai".[23]

    On November 2, Yanagawa Nanami announced that she would be graduating from the group in March 2019.[24]

    2019: Hiatus[]

    Country Girls pre-released their first mini album Seasons on January 2 at the Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project 2019 WINTER concert tour,[25][26] and it was released for general sale on March 6.

    On March 11, Yanagawa Nanami graduated from Hello! Project in the Juice=Juice & Country Girls LIVE ~Yanagawa Nanami Sotsugyou Special~ at Zepp Tokyo.[27][28]

    On August 24, Country Girls released two digital songs together, titled "One Summer Night ~Manatsu no Kesshin~ / Natsuiro no Palette".[29]

    On October 18, it was announced that all of the current members will graduate from Country Girls, and the group will subsequently suspend all activities on December 26, 2019 after their Country Girls Live 2019 ~Itooshikutte Gomen ne~ at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA. The members had conversations with the office throughout the year about the future of the group, and this decision to suspend activities naturally came after the members decided on what they wanted to do next. Yamaki Risa will retire from the entertainment industry in favor of getting a job. Ozeki Mai plans on applying to university and continuing activities in show-business. Funaki Musubu will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project in March 2020 to study dancing. Morito Chisaki plans on continuing activities in Morning Musume.[2]

    On December 4, before they suspend activities, Country Girls released one last compilation album, Country Girls Daizenshuu ①.[30]

    On December 22, the group's radio show Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu!! finished airing.

    On December 26, the members graduated from the group at the end of the Country Girls Live 2019 ~Itooshikutte Gomen ne~, and the group activities were suspended.[31][32]


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    Mini Albums
    1. [2019.03.06] Seasons
    Best Albums
    1. [2019.12.04] Country Girls Daizenshuu ①
    Other Albums

    Compilation Albums
    • [2015.12.16] Petit Best 16 (#11 Koi Dorobou, #12 Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne)
    • [2016.12.14] Petit Best 17 (#5 Boogie Woogie Love, #13 Kizetsu Suru Hodo Aishiteru!, #16 Kiss Yori Saki ni Dekiru Koto ('15 5nin Ver.))
    • [2017.12.13] Petit Best 18 (#6 Peanut Butter Jelly Love)
    • [2018.12.12] Petit Best 19 (#9 Kaite wa Keshite no "I Love You", #10 Matenai After Five)

    Video Collections
    Concert & Event Video Releases
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    Musical Video Releases
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    DVD Magazines
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  • [2017.10.05] Country Girls 2018 Calendar
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  • Works[]

  • [2015–2019] The Girls Live
  • [2019] AI・DOL PROJECT

  • [2015–2019] Hello! Project Station
  • [2015–2016] MUSIC+
  • [2015–2016] GREEN ROOM
  • [2016–2019] Upcoming
  • [2016–2017] Girls Night Out
  • [2017–2019] tiny tiny
  • [2018–2019] OMAKE CHANNEL
  • [2019] Hello Pro no Oshigoto Challenge
  • [2019] Hello Pro Kouhaku Taiko THE☆BATTLE 2019
  • [2019-2020] Hello Pro ONE×ONE

  • [2015] Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Kenshuuchuu!! (カントリー・ガールズの只今ラジオ研修中‼)
  • [2015–2019] Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu!! (カントリー・ガールズの只今ラジオ放送中!!)

  • Trivia[]

    • Out of the members of Country Girls, only Inaba Manaka was from the Hokkaido prefecture.
    • Upon their return to Hello! Project on November 5, 2014, Country Girls (excluding supervisor Satoda Mai) were contracted to UP-FRONT PROMOTION, but were not produced by Tsunku.
    • Tsugunaga Momoko was the only member of Country Girls to not have failed a Morning Musume audition.
    • Satoda Mai hoped that Country Girls would expand into the United States.[33]
    • Yamaki Risa and Inaba Manaka were the first Country Girls members to come from Hello Pro Kenshuusei.
    • Morito Chisaki, Shimamura Uta, and Ozeki Mai were the first members to be born after the Country Musume's formation.
    • Country Girls had a sweets ban, where eating sweets three times would result in having to eat celery as punishment. The rule was repealed on a radio broadcast of Country Girls no Tadaima Radio Housouchuu!! the day before Yanagawa Nanami's graduation, with the thought that it was pointless to keep a rule that was not followed. After the broadcast, former playing manager Tsugunaga Momoko gifted a celery bouquet to the group after Yanagawa’s graduation concert, and the members carried out the celery punishment that same night with the exception of Yamaki Risa, who had already eaten celery on a trip with Ishida Ayumi to Sendai.[34][35]
    • From June 31, 2017 to December 26, 2019, they were the only group in Hello! Project to not have an official leader (excluding supervisor Satoda Mai). For interviews or press conferences with all the current group leaders, Yamaki Risa acted as Country Girls' representative as the oldest member.[36][37]
    • Ozeki Mai is the only member in Country Girls's history to have not been a member in another idol group.
    • Morito Chisaki and Inaba Manaka were the last original Country Girls members active in Hello! Project after the group suspended activities. They both graduated from Hello! Project just 21 days apart from each other in 2022.

    Total Sales Count[]

    Year Yearly Group Sales Yearly Collab Sales Total Sales
    2015 87,891 0 87,891
    2016 69,933 0 157,824
    2017-2019 5,528 0 163,352


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