College Cosmos promoting "Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka"
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genre Japanese Pop
Years Active 2018–present
Choreographer Mitsubachi Maki[1]
Agency Space Craft Group (College Cosmos)
Associated Acts Country Girls

College Cosmos (カレッジ・コスモス) is an idol group made up of female university students which was formed in October 2018 as a joint project between Space Craft Group and UP-FRONT GROUP.[1][2]

The group was formed in search of a new type of idol to replace the present image of "idol (アイドル) = guuzou (偶像)"[3]guuzou being the Japanese word for "idol" which has the connotation of religious or cult-like worship. Therefore College Cosmos will not have the unspoken "love ban" rule.[4] The members will balance work and their studies with the aim of becoming known as an intellectual group of idols.[3]


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Current MembersEdit

  • Yamaki Risa (山木梨沙) Concurrent Country Girls member / 4th Year at Keio University, Faculty of Business and Commerce
  • Matsui Mari (松井まり) 4th Year at Chuo University, Faculty of Law
  • Akizuki Kana (秋月香七) 3rd Year at Keio University, Faculty of Letters
  • Suga Marin (菅真鈴) 4th Year at Kokogakuin University, Faculty of Economics
  • Wakita Rina (脇田璃奈) 3rd Year at Tokyo University of Science, Department of Business Economics
  • Ito Mai (伊藤舞) Graduate of Tamagawa University, Department of Liberal Arts
  • Tsushima Haruka (對馬桜花) 3rd Year at Rikkyo University, College of Arts
  • Ito Ayaka (伊藤彩華) 3rd Year at Rikkyo University, College of Intercultural Communication
  • Yukishima Momoha (雪嶋桃葉) 3rd Year at Seijo University, Faculty of Arts and Literature
  • Gunji Nao (郡司奈桜) 3rd Year at Nihon University, College of Art
  • Aya Graduate of Rissho University, Faculty of Economics
  • Hiraga Sakino (平賀咲乃) Graduate of Seisen University, Department of Japanese Language and Literature
  • Sakamoto Misaki (坂本美咲) Graduate of Atomi University, Faculty of Letters
  • Watanabe Marin (渡辺磨玲) Graduate of Kokushikan University, Faculty of Political Science and Economics
  • Fukusawa Kyoka (深澤京花) Graduate of Senzoku Gakuen, College of Music
  • Matsuoka Motoka (松岡資佳) 4th Year at Jissen University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Niinomi Rina (新家利奈) Graduate of Musashino University, Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Okamoto Mayuko (岡本真由子) Graduate of Waseda University, School of Human Sciences
  • Aono Natsuki (蒼乃菜月) Graduate of Keio University, Faculty of Letters
  • Natsuki (菜月) 3rd Year at Japan Women's College of Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education
  • Nakajima Nana (中島菜々) 4th Year at Tokyo University of Agriculture, Faculty of Applied Bio-Science

Former MembersEdit

School years are from the time the members left or graduated from College Cosmos.

  • Nitadori Megumi (似鳥めぐみ) 2nd Year at Keio University, Faculty of Letters (left January 21, 2019)[5]
  • Wakita Mana (脇田茉奈) Graduate of Tokyo University of Science, School of Management (graduated March 31, 2019)[6]
  • Funada Miko (舩田美子) Graduate of Aoyama Gakuin University, College of Literature (graduated March 31, 2019)[6]
  • Hashimoto Sana (橋本紗奈) 4th Year at Chuo University, Faculty of Economics (graduated June 30, 2019)[7]



College Cosmos, March 2019


College Cosmos, October 2018


On October 3, it was announced that Space Craft Group and UP-FRONT GROUP had decided to start a joint idol group named College Cosmos that consists of 25 girls attending university.[2][8] Among the founding members was Country Girls' Yamaki Risa, who was a third year student in Keio University's Faculty of Business and Commerce and would participate alongside her Hello! Project activities.[1] It was also decided that the group would make their CD debut in spring 2019, and on the same day of the announcement, the track "Kotoba no Mizu wo Roka Shitai" was pre-released for digital download.[9]

At the press conference held for the formation of the group, it was announced that Yamaki would be double centers with Matsui Mari who is a fourth year student in Chuo University's Faculty of Law.[10]

On October 20 and 21, College Cosmos performed as the opening act for Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project Hallo! Fes 2018 and also participated in the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI with Nyaozane Matsuri in Kumagaya.[11]


From January 2 to January 13, the group performed as the opening act for the Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project 2019 WINTER concert tour.[12] Nitadori Megumi was unable to participate in the concerts due to "poor health",[13] and it was later announced on January 21 that she decided to withdraw from College Cosmos to treat an illness.[5]

On March 6, College Cosmos released their debut single "Yume wa Ijiwaru / Kotoba no Mizu wo Roka Shitai / Kigou Nanka ja nai Watashitachi wa".[12][14]

On March 28, it was announced that Funada Miko and Wakita Mana would be graduating from College Cosmos, in accordance with their graduations from university, on March 31 after Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project Hina Fes 2019, where the group performed as the opening act for all four shows.[15] Their individual College Cosmos Twitter and Instagram accounts would close on the same day.[6] Both Funada and Wakita released their final messages through the College Cosmos website on their graduation day.[16][17]

On April 5, College Cosmos started a new YouTube show, titled "College Cosmos Semi", which would be uploaded every Friday.[18][19]

On May 15, the official fanclub opened.[20] Fanclub members could submit names for the fanclub from May 18 to May 25.[21] The winning name "College Cosmos Circle" was publicly announced at the College Cosmos Open Campus vol.1 event on May 26, and "Cosmos Mate" was also decided as the nickname for fans.[22][23]

On June 30, Hashimoto Sana suddenly graduated from the group as she had decided to challenge more things in her university life.[7]

On August 4, College Cosmos performed at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2019 on the SMILE GARDEN stage and the FESTIVAL STAGE.[24]

On September 1, it was announced that the nine members who graduated from university back in March will also graduate from College Cosmos at the end of October, and new active university students will join the group to replace them. As a result, their second single will be the last for Ito Mai, Aya, Hiraga Sakino, Sakamoto Misaki, Watanabe Marin, Fukusawa Kyoka, Niinomi Rina, Okamoto Mayuko, and Aono Natsuki.[25]

On October 9, College Cosmos will release their second single "Shiawase no Arika wa Dochira Desu ka / Watashi Kakumei".[26]

Group Name OriginEdit

The second part of the group's name, "Cosmos", was chosen for two different meanings:[3]

  1. An ordered and harmonious universe.
  2. The cosmos flower, called akizakura (秋桜) in Japanese, which in hanakotoba means "the true heart of a maiden".



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  • [2019-] College Cosmos Semi (カレッジ・コスモス ゼミ; College Cosmos Seminar)

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