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Morning Musume promoting the musical

Cinderella the Musical is a Japanese and all-female production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical, starring Morning Musume and Takarazuka Revue. The performance ran from August 6, 2008 to August 25, 2008 at Shinjuku Koma Theater in Tokyo.

The DVD was released by zetima on December 3, 2008 with a product code of EPBE-5309. The DVD ranked #3 and sold a total of 6,261 copies.

Takahashi and Niigaki were originally meant to alternate roles during live performances. The idea was dropped due to the already intensive work load of the members.

Plot Synopsis[]

Cinderella (Takahashi Ai) lived out in the country on that day. The king (Ebira Kaoru) decreed that a ball would be held so that the prince (Niigaki Risa) could choose a princess. Since anyone can attend, there's already a commotion. All the girls are confident that they might be the one to catch the prince's eye. Naturally, Cinderella has no choice but to want to go as well.

However, there is no such liberty for she who lives with her stepmother (Aika Mire) and awful sisters (Kamei Eri / Tanaka Reina). She doesn't even have a dress to wear. Prohibited by her stepmother and sisters from attending the ball, Cinderella was left in a corner of her room, alone.

But going to the ball was her heart's true wish. Then, the mysterious Faerie Queen (Asaji Saki) appeared and cast a spell, saying "Let's make her dreams come true." At that moment, Cinderella turned into a beautiful princess, a pumpkin became a dazzling carriage, and the mice turned into white horses. But then it was explained that "The magic will melt away at strike of 12 o'clock." With haste, Cinderella bound away to the castle.

The castle ball is already in progress. During a pleasant dance, a beautiful princess emerges and catches everyone's attention. Every voice begins praising her beauty. That beautiful princess was actually Cinderella. Both the king and queen (Kou Akemi) were amazed at the beauty, and the eyes of the prince are sparkling. The prince invides Cinderella to dance, and they talk about many things. While they were lost in conversation, the midnight bell begins to chime. Cinderella flees in a hurry.

Meanwhile, her lost glass shoe shines beautifully in the moonlight...


From Morning Musume
From Takarazuka Revue


The tracklist are the Japanese translations of the Rogers and Hammerstein original.

  1. "Do I Love the World Because it's Wonderful?" - Asaji Saki, Takahashi Ai (Chorus: Mitsui Aika, Michishige Sayumi)
  2. "The Prince is Giving a Ball" - Kusumi Koharu and other cast
  3. "In my Own Little Corner" - Takahashi Ai
  4. "Your Majesties" - Chorus
  5. "In my Own Little Corner" - Takahashi Ai
  6. "It's Impossible;Possible" - Takahashi Ai, Asaji Saki
  7. "Ten Minutes Ago" - Niigaki Risa & Takahashi Ai
  8. "Do I Love you Because you are beautiful?" - Niigaki Risa, Takahashi Ai
  9. "When You're Driving Through the Moonlight" - Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina, Mire Aika
  10. "A Lonely Night" - Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina, Mire Aika
  11. "In My Own Little Corner(reprise)" - Takahashi Ai
  12. "Do I Love you Because you are Beautiful? - Niigaki Risa
  13. "Do I Love you Because you are Beautiful? - Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa
  14. Do I Love the World Because is Wonderful? - All Cast
  1. C\C (Cinderella\Complex) - Morning Musume
  2. Shabondama - Morning Musume
  3. The☆Peace! - Morning Musume
  4. Resonant Blue - Morning Musume
  5. Blue Moon - Asaji Saki
  6. Shall We Dance? - Aika Mire
  7. The Sweetest Sounds - Asaji Saki, Aika Mire, Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa


All shows were performed at the Shinjuku Koma Theater.

Date Matinee Soiree
8/07 11:00 16:00
8/08 11:00 16:00
8/09 11:00 16:00
8/10 11:00 16:00
8/11 11:00
8/12 11:00 16:00
8/13 Holiday
8/14 11:00 16:00
8/15 11:00 16:00
8/16 11:00 16:00
8/17 11:00 16:00
8/18 11:00
8/19 11:00 16:00
8/20 11:00 16:00
8/21 11:00
8/22 11:00 16:00
8/23 11:00 16:00


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