Choto Mate Kudasai!
Regular Edition
Single by S/mileage
from the album S/mileage Best Album Kanzenban ①
Native title チョトマテクダサイ!
Released February 1, 2012
February 8, 2012 (Single V)
March 3, 2012 (Event V)
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single, CD+DVD, Single V, Event V, digital download
Length 11:58 (regular edition), 12:05 (LA, LB, LC), 13:29 (LD), 21:06 (all unique tracks)
Label hachama hachama
Producer Tsunku
S/mileage Singles Chronology
Previous Please Miniskirt Postwoman! 8th Single (2011)
Next Dot Bikini 10th Single (2012)
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Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Limited Edition C

Limited Edition D

Single V

Event V

Choto Mate Kudasai! (チョトマテクダサイ!; Please Wait a Minute!) is the 9th major label single by S/mileage. It was released on February 1, 2012 in 5 editions: 1 regular and 4 limited.


Smileage - Choto Mate Kudasai! (MV)

Smileage - Choto Mate Kudasai! (MV)

Regular EditionEdit

  1. Choto Mate Kudasai!
  2. Namida GIRL (涙GIRL; Tear GIRL) (Fujimoto Miki cover)
  3. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Instrumental)

Limited Edition AEdit


  1. Choto Mate Kudasai!
  2. Chance Tourai (チャンス到来; Chance Coming)
  3. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Instrumental)


  1. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Dance Shot Ver. I)

Limited Edition BEdit


  1. Choto Mate Kudasai!
  2. Chance Tourai
  3. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Instrumental)


  1. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Minna Shugo Ver.)

Limited Edition CEdit


  1. Choto Mate Kudasai!
  2. Chance Tourai
  3. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Instrumental)


  1. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Dance Shot Ver. II)

Limited Edition DEdit

  1. Choto Mate Kudasai!
  2. S/mileage Singles Gekiatsu Remix (スマイレージ シングルス 激アツリミックス)
    1. Please Miniskirt Postwoman! (プリーズ ミニスカ ポストウーマン!)
    2. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama (じ時給で働く友達の美人ママ)
    3. Asu wa Date na no ni, Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai (あすはデートなのに、今すぐ声が聞きたい)
    4. Please Miniskirt Postwoman!
  3. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Instrumental)

Single VEdit

  1. Choto Mate Kudasai!
  2. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Close-Up Ver.)
  3. Making Footage (メキング映像)

Event VEdit

  1. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Wada Ayaka Close-up Ver.)
  2. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Fukuda Kanon Close-up Ver.)
  3. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Nakanishi Kana Close-up Ver.)
  4. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Takeuchi Akari Close-up Ver.)
  5. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Katsuta Rina Close-up Ver.)
  6. Choto Mate Kudasai! (Tamura Meimi Close-up Ver.)

Featured MembersEdit


S/mileage promoting the single

Single InformationEdit

Choto Mate Kudasai!
Namida GIRL
Chance Tourai!
  • Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
  • Arrangement: Itagaki Yusuke
S/mileage Singles Gekiatsu Remix

TV PerformancesEdit

  • [2012.02.03] Happy Music
  • [2012.02.19] Dai 15kai "NHK Fukushi Oozumou"

Concert PerformancesEdit

Choto Mate Kudasai!
Chance Tourai

For "Namida GIRL", please see MIKI ① Concert Performances.

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 2 9 8 5 7 16 6 19,700
24 21 - - - - - 43 2,011
- - - - - - - 139 395

Total Reported Sales: 22,106*

Single V
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 7 17 - - - - 17 801

Total Reported Sales: 801


  • This is the first single to not feature Maeda Yuuka.
  • This is seventh consecutive time S/mileage has recorded a B-side cover song for a single and the second time they've recorded a Fujimoto Miki cover.
  • It is one of eight music videos for a single that has over one million views on S/mileage's official YouTube channel.
  • This is their first single in which all the members wore their official member colors.
  • This is their ninth single to have all editions available in the U.S. iTunes store (their 3rd through 9th major singles and their 1st and 4th indies singles). This makes them the first Hello! Project group to do so.

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