Single by Ishii Rika
Native title 鎮恋歌
Released January 14, 2015
Format CD
Label Tokuma Japan Communications
Ishii Rika Singles Chronology
Previous blue (2008)

Chinrenka (鎮恋歌; Crushing Love Song) is a single by former Hello! Project singer Ishii Rika. It was released on January 14, 2015. The single peaked at #109 on the Oricon weekly singles chart.[1]

This release is marketed as her 1st major label release, but it is her third release to be marketed this way (the previous being the single Ao released in 2006, and her album Aoi Kuma released in 2010).


フル 石井里佳「鎮恋歌」ミュージックビデオ公開!

フル 石井里佳「鎮恋歌」ミュージックビデオ公開!

"Chinrenka" music video

  1. Chinrenka
  2. BLUE
  3. LOVE
  4. Chinrenka -instrumental-
  5. BLUE -instrumental-
  6. LOVE -instrumental-

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  • Chinrenka was used as the theme song to the TV show Kaiun! Nandemo Kanteidan..
  • This is the fourth time Ishii has a word that can be read as blue as the title for one of her releases; the previous ones being Aoi Kuma (Blue Bear), Ao (Blue/Young), and blue. The only other Hello! Project soloist to do so is Maeda Yuki who released Tokyo You Turn, Tokyo Yoimachigusa and Tokyo Kirigirisu three years in a row.


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