Chelsea Monroe (née Ching)[1], known simply as Chelsea (チェルシー) in Japan, is the former leader of the Hello! Project group Coconuts Musume.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Chelsea Ching, 2006

Chelsea, 2005-2009


Chelsea, August 1999

1998[edit | edit source]

In November, the Pacific Dream Pop Singer Competition was held in Hawaii, USA by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, offering a record deal to the overall winner. International finals was held at the Nagoya Hard Rock Cafe in December.

1999[edit | edit source]

In March, Ayaka, Chelsea, AprilDanielle, and Mika was the winners. Chelsea's outgoing and lively personality, along with her strong vocals, made her the leader of the group.

On May 27, Coconuts Musume were first introduced on an episode of ASAYAN, and on July 23, they released their debut single, Halation Summer / Summer Night Town (English Version).

In August, the group made their debut in Taiwan and released the Taiwanese edition of their first single. The music videos for both "Halation Summer" and "Summer Night Town (English Version)" were shot there.

On August 25, Coconuts Musume released their second single, DANCE & CHANCE.

In October, the group released a collection of their music videos on VHS and DVD titled Coconuts Musume.

In November, it was announced that they were searching for a sixth member of the group.[5]

2000[edit | edit source]

In January, it was announced that Chelsea and April had graduated from the group to continue their education back in Hawaii. Upon leaving Japan, Chelsea pursued a model and acting career, starring in several prints, commercials, runways, music videos, TV, film, and theater.

2003[edit | edit source]

While attending school, she made an appearance on a reality television show called "Meet My Folks" that aired on NBC. Over the course of three episodes filmed a few months ago on the mainland, Ching was seen rolling around on a paint-covered tarp with Daniel Maloney (the guy whose affection she was trying to win) and taking a lie-detector test in front of his parents. She even did her part to promote Hawaii by dancing hula during the talent portion of the show. Chelsea beat out seven other women to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe.

2010-2020[edit | edit source]

Chelsea has since graduated with Honors from the University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Psychology and a degree in Business Economics. She later started working as a veternarian, and got married to Graham Monroe in 2014[2], changing her name to Chelsea Ching Monroe. On September 20, 2017, she gave birth to a baby boy named Sawyer Graham Monroe.

In June 2020, Chelsea announced she was pregnant with her second child. On December 14, she gave birth to a girl named Sage McKenna Monroe.

Profile[edit | edit source]

  • Birth Name: Chelsea Ching (チェルシー・チン)
  • Legal Name: Chelsea Monroe
  • Birthdate: September 26, 1982 (1982-09-26) (age 38)
  • Birthplace: O'ahu, Hawaii, United States
  • Ethnicity: Chinese-American
  • Western Zodiac: Libra.svg Libra
  • Eastern Zodiac: Dog.png Dog
  • Height: 168 cm (5 ft 6.1 in)?
  • Hello! Project Groups:


  • Hobbies: Writing poetry about the things that happen to her
  • Specialty: Crying easily
  • Weak Point: Homesickness
  • Favorite Phrase: Kakkoii[4]
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Least Favorite Food: Seafood
  • Favorite Music: Hawaiian, reggae, pop, and R&B
  • Favorite Movie: Titanic

Discography Featured In[edit | edit source]

Work[edit | edit source]

Print[edit | edit source]

  • Mikano Sportswear 1999-2008
  • Nexus Hair Products
  • Rainbow Weddings
  • Intex
  • Ala Moana
  • Liberty House
  • Hawaiian Island Creations
  • MXB Magazine
  • Jane Magazine
  • Women of Hawaii Calendar
  • Vix Girl International Calendar
  • White Sands Girls of Santa Barbara Calendar
  • Picture Plane Imaging
  • Larry Gordon stock photography
  • Hilton Hawaiian Village
  • Honolulu Magazine June Issue 2006
  • Midweek Swimsuit Issue May 2006
  • Smart Magazine Cover March/April 2007 Issue
  • J Salon
  • Island Pearls (Maui Divers)
  • Pualani
  • Tombomb
  • Locals Only,
  • Art of Women Calendar
  • Hawaiian Island Creations
  • MXB Magazine
  • Jane Magazine
  • Nexxus
  • Sally Beauty Hair Salon
  • Stuff Magazine
  • Max Magazine
  • Hilton Hawaiian Village Bridal
  • Honolulu Magazine June 2006 issue
  • Midweek Swimwear May 2006 issue
  • Pacific Rim August issue
  • Smart Magazine Cover March/April 2007 issue
  • Pualani Hawaii Swimwear 2007-2008
  • Mu'u Mu'u Heaven
  • Cirque Designer Belts
  • Ala Moana Magazine Summer 2007
  • Free Surf Magazine August 2007
  • Free Surf 2008 Calendars
  • Roberta Oaks Fall/Winter 2007
  • MisFortune
  • Roberta Oaks Spring/Summer 2008
  • Pacific Rim Magazine February 2008
  • Intex cover 2009,
  • Havika Bikinis 2008
  • Peonie Clothing Catalogue 2008
  • Ala Moana Magazine Cover/Editorial Sept/Oct 2008

Runway[edit | edit source]

  • Guess
  • Agnes B
  • Mac Makeup
  • Ethels
  • Chop Salon
  • Reebok
  • Valerie Joseph
  • Pualani Swimwear
  • Tori Richards
  • M.A.C. makeup
  • Bvlgari
  • Miss Sixty
  • Bebe
  • Lacoste
  • Theory

Commercials[edit | edit source]

  • Hawaiian Island Creations
  • Visa
  • Rumours Nightclub
  • Symantec AntiVirus Software
  • PSA Commercial
  • Suntory Japan
  • Taco Bell
  • Centex Ko'olina Condos
  • Best Buy/Circuit City
  • Hawaii Satellite Center

Music Videos[edit | edit source]

  • Mariah Carey
  • [2000] Hoku - "How Do I Feel?"[5]
  • Tube
  • Coconuts Musume ("Halation Summer", "Summer Night Town", "Dance & Chance")
  • Homegrown

TV[edit | edit source]

  • Beat Bang
  • OC 16 Promotion for Hula-la Swimwear
  • Cast member on NBC's "Meet My Folks"
  • Lead on Paramount Pictures' pilot for the reality show "Girls Gone Crazy"
  • Host of "Pacific Expeditions" tv show
  • Host of Hawaiian Airlines Island Incoming Flight Video
  • Maui Hyatt Video
  • Beyond the Break
  • Board Stories Fashion Episode
  • GrindTV

Film[edit | edit source]

  • Love and Testosterone (Character - Allie)

Theater[edit | edit source]

  • Charlie Brown (Principal)
  • Winnie the Pooh (principal)
  • Guys and Dolls (Principal)
  • HMS Pinafore (Chorus)
  • Into the Woods (Principal)

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Sally Beauty Hairshow
  • Singer for Coconuts Musume (signed with Sony Entertainment Japan)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Has three sisters; Courtney, Carrie and Casey. Carrie is a journalist and filmmaker.[6]
  • Lost her mother to cancer while in med school.

Honorary Titles[edit | edit source]

Honorary titles

Preceded by

Leader of Coconuts Musume
1999 - 2000

Succeeded by

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