Single by Melon Kinenbi
from the album Melon Juice
Native title カリスマ・綺麗
Released March 19, 2008
Genre J-Pop
Format CD single, digital download
Length 12:16
Label zetima zetima
Producer Taisei
Melon Kinenbi Singles Chronology
Previous Onegai Miwaku no Target ~Mango-Pudding Mix~ 16th single (2007)
Next DON'T SAY GOOD-BYE (with Beat Crusaders) (2009)

Charisma・Kirei (カリスマ・綺麗; Charisma - Beauty) is the seventeenth single by Melon Kinenbi. It was released on March 19th 2008, and its highest position on the Oricon weekly chart was #62 selling 2,180 copies total. This was the final single Melon Kinenbi released as part of Hello! Project, before their official graduation at the end of March 2009 along with the rest of the Elder Club.


Melon Kinenbi - Charisma・Kirei (MV)

Melon Kinenbi - Charisma・Kirei (MV)

Charisma, Kirei (MV)

  1. Charisma・Kirei
  2. Onna Zakari (オンナザカリ; Woman's Prime)
  3. Charisma・Kirei (Instrumental)

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Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement
  • Komorita Minoru


  • "Charisma・Kirei" was originally released as a track on their mini album Melon Juice.

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