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cha cha SING is the 29th Single of Berryz Koubou. It was released on July 25, 2012. The single was released in seven editions: regular edition, three limited editions, Single V, and Event V. An Event V was also released for the B-side "Loving you Too much" on October 7, 2012.

"cha cha SING" and the coupling track "Loving you Too much" are both covers of songs originally sung by Thai pop singer, Bird Thongchai.



Berryz Koubou - cha cha SING (MV)

cha cha SING (MV)


Berryz Koubou - Loving you Too much (MV)

Loving you Too Much (MV)


Momochi - Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou (MV)

Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou (MV)


  1. cha cha SING (Bird Thongchai cover)
  2. Loving you Too much (Bird Thongchai cover)
  3. Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou (ももち! 許してにゃん♡体操; Momochi! Forgive Me-ow Calisthenics) - Momochi (Tsugunaga Momoko feat. Berryz Koubou)
  4. cha cha SING (Instrumental)
  5. Loving you Too much (Instrumental)
  6. Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou (Instrumental) - Momochi (Tsugunaga Momoko feat. Berryz Koubou )

Limited Edition A DVD[]

  1. cha cha SING (Dance Shot Ver.)

Limited Edition B DVD[]

  1. cha cha SING (Close-up Berryz Koubou Ver.)

Single V Back cover

Single V[]

  1. cha cha SING (Music Video)
  2. Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou (Music Video) - Momochi (Tsugunaga Momoko feat. Berryz Koubou)
  3. Making of (メキング映像)

Event V "cha cha SING"[]

  1. cha cha SING (Shimizu Saki Solo Ver.)
  2. cha cha SING (Tsugunaga Momoko Solo Ver.)
  3. cha cha SING (Tokunaga Chinami Solo Ver.)
  4. cha cha SING (Sudo Maasa Solo Ver.)
  5. cha cha SING (Natsuyaki Miyabi Solo Ver.)
  6. cha cha SING (Kumai Yurina Solo Ver.)
  7. cha cha SING (Sugaya Risako Solo Ver.)

Event V "Loving you Too much"[]

  1. Loving you Too much (MV)
  2. Loving you Too much (Close-up Berryz ver)
  3. Loving you Too much (Party ver)
  4. Making of (メキング映像)

Featured Members[]

Berryz Koubou promoting single

Berryz Koubou promoting "Loving you Too much"

Tsugunaga Momoko promoting "Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou"

Single Information[]

cha cha SING
Loving you Too much
Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou


TV Performances[]

Concert Performances[]

cha cha SING
Loving you Too much
Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 7 4 11 6 7 4 6 29,099
10 - - - - - 20 46 2,046
- - - 28 - - 39 76 1,304
- - - - - - 49 129 552

Total Reported Sales: 33,001*

Single V
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 7 11 6 7 13 - 11 1,254
- - - - - - - - 294

Total Reported Sales: 1,548


  • This is Berryz Koubou's 2nd cover single.
  • "cha cha SING" is a cover of "RAO-MAH-SING" ( Thai: เรามาSing ) by Bird Thongchai McIntyre, also known as "Phi Bird", a famous Thai pop singer.
  • The original version of “cha cha SING ” and “Loving you Too much” can be found as the second and third track on the 2010 album "Singing Bird" by Bird Thongchai called “Row Mah Sing” and “Too Much So Much Very Much.”
  • This is the first Berryz Koubou single to have a solo song by a member.
  • A flash mob version of "cha cha SING" was recorded and is only available to watch on YouTube.
  • "cha cha SING" is Berryz Koubou's first single to have 3 music videos.
  • "cha cha SING" is the first Berryz Koubou single to have an official website.
  • The "cha cha SING" music video is Berryz Koubou's most-viewed YouTube video with currently over 4,000,000 views
  • The music video for "Loving you Too much" is currently their second most-viewed YouTube video with over 2,000,000 views
  • "Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou" debuted at #1 on Recochoku's daily music video chart, and ranked at #3 on Recochoku's weekly music video chart.
  • Tsugunaga said she was tired in the last few seconds of "Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou"'s music video because she had a hard time remembering which line came after which in the song (she says the song's lyrics have no real pattern). 
  • It was released on the same day as Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)'s Uppercut! / Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow.
  • "cha cha SING" is one of 14 music videos for an A-side that has over 1,000,000 views on Berryz Koubou's official YouTube channel.
  • Additionally, cha cha SING, Loving you Too much and Momochi! Yurushite Nyan ♡ Taisou (Otomomochi Version) are three of 16 videos that have over 1,000,000 views on Berryz Koubou's official YouTube channel.

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