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UP-FRONT WORKS Co., Ltd. (アップフロントウォークス) is a record label company that handles the releases of acts under UP-FRONT GROUP. While music released exclusively under UP-FRONT WORKS are typically either indie releases or digital releases, the majority of UP-FRONT GROUP acts release their music under one of UP-FRONT WORKS's subsidiary labels.

As of May 2019, many of these indies releases are now handled by the newly established subsidiary label UP-FRONT INDIES instead, and the UP-FRONT WORKS label itself is now considered to be a major label.

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  1. ^ Examples of items released exclusively under UP-FRONT WORKS include: ℃-ute's indie singles, Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)'s first seven indie singles, the Hello Cover Series, the e-Hello! series, SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement units' indie singles, Juice=Juice's indie singles, and digital songs.
  2. ^ Morning Musume's demo single Ai no Tane was released under the URANEBA RECORD label.
  3. ^ Country Musume's first four singles as well as Sheki-Dol's first three singles were released under the SPREE RECORD label.

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