The Members by Eastern Zodiac category page contains the category pages of the twelve animal signs of the Eastern Zodiac, called Seishou (生肖), Juuni Seishou (十二生肖), or Juuni Zokushou (十二属相) in Japanese. The Eastern Zodiac assigns each animal sign to an earthly branch, a trine, a fixed element, and either yin or yang.

Under the Eastern Zodiac, every year in the lunar calendar is assigned to one of the twelve animal signs, one of the five elements, one of the ten heavenly stems, and either yin or yang. 

In order, these twelve animal signs are: 

# Animal Earthly Branch Trine Fixed Element
1 Rat (鼠) 1st Yang Water
2 Ox (牛) 2nd Yin Earth
3 Tiger (虎) 3rd Yang Wood
4 Rabbit (兎) 4th Yin Wood
5 Dragon (龍) 1st Yang Earth
6 Snake (蛇) 2nd Yin Fire
7 Horse (馬) 3rd Yang Fire
8 Goat (羊) 4th Yin Earth
9 Monkey (猿) 1st Yang Metal
10 Rooster (鶏) 2nd Yin Metal
11 Dog (犬) 3rd Yang Earth
12 Pig (豚) (Boar (猪) in Japan) 4th Yin Water

There are also animal signs assigned to each season, month, day, and hour in the lunar calendar as well. These animal signs are called inner animals, true animals, and secret animals respectively. 

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