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Album by Ichii Sayaka in CUBIC-CROSS
Released November 20, 2002
Format CD Album
Recorded 2002
Length 45:34
Singles from C:BOX
1. Jinsei ga Mou Hajimatteru
2. Shitsuren LOVE Song
3. Todoke! Koi no Telepathy

C:BOX is the first and only album by Ichii Sayaka in CUBIC-CROSS. First press of the album came with a tattoo sticker.

Ichii wrote several of the lyrics to the songs on this album. The album contains their three first singles’ A-sides, as well as eight new songs. It was released on November 20, 2002.


  1. C Lunch (Cランチ)
  2. Todoke! Koi no Telepathy
  3. Kaeritakunai (帰りたくない; ; I Don’t Want To Go Home)
  4. Gomen ne Darling (ごめんねダーリン; I Am Sorry, Darling)
  5. Mae, Susume. (マエ、ススメ。; Keep Going Forward)
  6. Konayuki (粉雪; Powder Snow)
  7. Hug&Kiss
  8. Same Time
  9. Shitsuren LOVE Song
  10. Jinsei ga Mou Hajimatteru
  11. be born

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