T&C Bomber Concert Tour
Opening Date April 22, 2000
Released August 30, 2000
Format DVD, VHS
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CONCERT TOUR 2000 YO! YO! Taiyo-La! Muunsan no Dance Tengoku (Yo!Yo!Taiyo-La! Concert Tour 2000 むうんさんのダンス天国) is T&C Bomber's second concert tour, but their first released on video.


  1. Opening~Gatamekira (GTS more energy remix)
  2. Gatamekira
  3. Marui Taiyou
  4. Versus
  5. Sunrise Sore Demo Hi wa Noboru
  6. Be Cool Down
  7. Hey You!
  8. DON'T STOP Ren'aichuu
  9. Magic of Love (Interlude)
  10. You Can't Hurry Love ( The Supremes cover)
  11. So Much In Love (The Tymes cover)
  12. Everyday Everywhere
  13. Tsuki to Taiyou
  14. Uchuu de La Ta Ta
  15. Magic of Love
  16. Zurui Onna (T&C BOMBER Version) (Sharam Q Cover)
  17. ENDLESS LOVE ~I Love You More~

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