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General Information
Winner Lehua
Coconuts Musume Audition Chronology
Previous Pacific Dream Pop Singer Competition (1998)
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COCONUTS MUSUME AUDITIONS was an audition held by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)/SME Records looking for an additional member to the Hello! Project group Coconuts Musume. The audition was announced in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on November 16, 1999,

Audition DetailsEdit

  • Application Requirements: Resume and photo to be sent to Tropicolitan Inc., P.O. Box 62026, Honolulu HI 96839.
  • Application Deadline: November 22, 1999
  • Finalists were contacted by phone by November 24 to schedule a singing and dancing audition on November 28.

Audition ProcessEdit

First Round Edit

Interview and sing a song in front of the judges. Lehua sang Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You".

Second Round Edit

Three girls got through to the finals. They were to sing and dance to a Coconuts Musume song. Lehua sang the Japanese version of "DANCE & CHANCE". They also had to take pictures with Danielle, Mika, and Ayaka to see how they would look and blend with the group.


The sole winner was Lehua.


  • Lehua called in after they had had the audition, but was told to send in a resume and some pictures and they might get back to her.
  • It was announced as an audition looking for a sixth member, but according to Lehua, she took pictures with only Danielle, Mika, and Ayaka. She also said she never met Chelsea and April.[1]


Lehua said in an interview that "This song, which was different from the genre that I like to listen to, surprised me with its upbeat Japanese lyrics sung by Hawaiian girls. I remember when I found out I'd have to sing it, I thought I was going to faint. It was really long, and almost none of the lyrics were in English... But I really like the way the English and Japanese lines were mixed together in the song. It took about a week to memorise the lyrics perfectly. But I still was still having trouble with the dance when I went to Japan. It was hard to master it just a week before the concert. But I learned more than just the dance itself from our rehearsals. I also learned the meanings of the Japanese words in the song and of the dance steps.

I was really nervous the first time I sung "Dance & Chance" in front of everyone, so even though I tried to do my best, the pressure got to me. So I felt really relieved at the end of the song. By the end of the tour, it had become an important experience in my life, so I'll never forget "Dance & Chance". Joining Coconuts Musume and becoming friends with the other cute and friendly members is a real privilege. I'll work hard from now on."[2]


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