Bokutachi Karen na Shounen Gasshoudan
DVD Cover
Hello Pro Kenshuusei Musical
Native title 僕たち可憐な少年合唱団
Opening Date March 14, 2014
Closing Date March 23, 2014
Released August 27, 2014
Format DVD
Recorded 2014
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Bokutachi Karen na Shounen Gasshoudan (僕たち可憐な少年合唱団; We Are the Lovely Boys' Choir) is an Engeki Joshibu musical starring Hello Pro Kenshuusei members Tanabe Nanami, Hamaura Ayano, Murota Mizuki, Yamagishi Riko, Kaga Kaede, Sasaki Rikako, Yamaki Risa, Oura Hirona, Yasuda Kei and Ogawa Makoto. The musical took place from March 14 to March 23, 2014 at Ikebukuro Theater Green BOX in BOX THEATER.

The musical was split into two versions with different main casts. Kikyuu ni Notte Dokomademo Hen (気球にのってどこまでも編) featured Hamaura, Yamagishi, Kaga and Sasaki; and Annie Laurie Hen (アニーローリー編) featured Tanabe, Murota, Yamaki and Oura. Yasuda and Ogawa performed in both versions.

The DVD of both versions was released on August 27, 2014 .

A revival was performed in late 2017.


The story takes place in the dormitory of a girls' bible and music school.
The four girls Yoko, Kaoru, Hinata, and Yuria sing in the same group and have been practicing after hours during the night. Sister Amada told them they might have to repeat a year if they score terribly at next week's competition.
When it seems like the group's unity is falling apart, the leader Yoko makes a powerful prayer.
And so that evening a miracle happens.


From Hello Pro Kenshuusei
  • Yasuda Kei as Sister Amada (シスター天田)
  • Ogawa Makoto as Angel Sophia (天使のソフィア; Tenshi no Sophia)


  • Script: Ota Yoshinari
  • Director: Oiwa Michiko
  • Music: Endo Koji
  • Producer: Niwa Tamon Andrew (BS-TBS)


Karen na Gasshoudan
Soundtrack Single by Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Native title 可憐な合唱団
Released May 15, 2014
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single
Length 10:15
Producer Tsunku
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Karen na Gasshoudan (可憐な合唱団) is a soundtrack single by Hello Pro Kenshuusei. It was sold at the musical venue alongside the Hello Pro Kenshuusei Mitchaku 2013nen Fuyu DVD. 

The song "Karen na Gasshoudan" is featured in Petit Best 15.

CD TracklistEdit

  1. Karen na Gasshoudan
  2. Annie Laurie (アニーローリー)
  3. Kikyuu ni Notte Dokomademo (気球にのってどこまでも)

Single InformationEdit

  1. Karen na Gasshoudan
    • Lyrics: Ota Yoshinari
    • Composition and Arrangement: Endo Koji
  2. Annie Laurie
    • Japanese Translation: Horiuchi Keizo
    • Arrangement: Endo Koji
  3. Kikyuu ni Notte Dokomademo
    • Lyrics: Azuma Tatsuo
    • Composition: Hirayoshi Takekuni
    • Arrangement: Endo Koji


  • The Hello Pro Kenshuusei cast had to audition for their roles.[1] Yoshihashi Kurumi, Kosuga Fuyuka, Nomura Minami and Ichioka Reina auditioned for the musical, but didn't pass.
  • "Karen na Gasshoudan" is an original song, while the other two songs from the soundtrack single are covers. "Annie Laurie" is a Scottish folk song and "Kikyuu ni Notte Dokomademo" is a Japanese children's choir song.
  • Tanabe Nanami and Oura Hirona were the only Hello Pro Kenshuusei members in the cast who did not debut within Hello! Project.



  • Cast
  • Tanabe Nanami
  • Hamaura Ayano
  • Yamagishi Riko
  • Kaga Kaede
  • Murota Mizuki
  • Sasaki Rikako
  • Yamaki Risa
  • Oura Hirona


  1. "ハロプロ研修生ミュージカル開幕!#1" (in Japanese). Hello Pro Kenshuusei (via YouTube). 2013-12-11.

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