Single by Ishii Rika
Released August 14, 2008
Genre J-pop
Format CD single
Length 8:54
Label mona records
Ishii Rika Singles Chronology
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blue is an indies single by Ishii Rika. It was availalbe for purchase at mona records’ site for 500 yen,[1] and probably at Ishii’s live events as well.


  1. blue
  2. Yume no Kakera (夢のカケラ; Broken Pieces of a Dream)

Single InformationEdit


Lyrics, Music: Ishii Rika

Yume no Kakera

Lyrics: Ishii Rika | Music, Arrangement: Nakano Shingo



"Everyone has a dark and bright side. You told me to accept all of me and slowly find the answer I’m looking for. I hope that you who listen to this song will also meet a person like that."

Yume no Kakera

"I wrote this when I had started over. This is the first time it gets released though, but when I sing it these days it gets to me a little bit more. That just might be proof of that I’ve grown a bit."

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