Billboard Japan (ビルボード・ジャパン) is a sister organization of the United States-based music magazine Billboard. It publishes pieces involving news, video, opinion, reviews, events, and style, and is also known for its music chart, tracking the most popular songs and albums. It also hosts events, owns a publishing firm, and operates several TV shows. It is operated by the Japanese Osaka-based company Hanshin Contents Link.

In February 2008, Hanshin Contents Link, under licence from Billboard, launched the Billboard Japan Hot 100 music chart. As of 2016, the list of charts compiled by Billboard Japan also included an albums chart named Billboard Japan Hot Albums, sales-only-based charts Top Singles Sales, Top Albums Sales, Top Jazz Albums Sales, and Top Classical Albums Sales, a radio-airplay chart named Radio Songs, an animation music chart named Hot Animation, and a chart for foreign songs named Hot Overseas.

Since 2010, Billboard Japan holds an annual awards ceremony called the Billboard Japan Music Awards, which honors artists, both Japanese and foreign, who had achieved best results in Billboard Japan music charts during the previous year.

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